Diving into the new technologies market

Cappasity was founded in 2013 with an ambitious aim to design and build an easy and convenient way for 3D content production. Now the team is developing the platform to facilitate the way 3D/AR/AR content is created and used. The project is to join two disruptive innovations of the digital world — blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockchain allows identifying the true content creators and respecting copyrights, and a digital utility currency, the ARToken (ART) aids 3D content exchange, as a decentralized billing system is capable to handle a large number of transactions, secured by smart contracts.

The company founders are experienced in digital marketing and 3D technology and dedicated advocates to innovation of the blossoming digital area. Kosta Popov and Alex Chegaev worked together on a number of projects ranging from game development to graphics engine design. Marianna Alshina, having a digital marketing and business development background, is promoting relationships with the company’s key partners.

3D/AR/VR market has become promising for a nascent company due to two key factors. First, innovative technologies rapidly infiltrate all areas of private life and business operations. According to the existing data, by 2020, the AR/VR market is expected to reach a market size of $143.3 bn. Secondly, the market still lacks strong players and affordable tools. Until recently, 3D technology was time-consuming and not suitable for mass production. For instance, creation of a single 3D image took up to 30 minutes, and 3D scanners were (and still are) rather expensive.

Yet, keen players were quick to recognize possible profit brought by new technologies. For instance, retailers benefit from 3D/AR/VR in many ways, as recent trends showed. E-commerce is particularly favorable for such innovations: consumers enjoy an opportunity to try on clothes in online stores before buying, or study a product closely, or use AR/VR headset to see if a chosen piece of furniture fit into his bedroom, etc. Willing to take a chance, we decided to tap into this incipient industry, which demonstrates extraordinary growth rate.

Cappasity set on developing tools to revolutionize AR/VR and 3D technologies — and succeeded. Today we offer Easy 3D Scan, a professional 3D digitizing software, solutions for smartphones and AI for 3D imaging. The products gained traction from the interested parties. Cappasity offers a comprehensive solution for producing and processing 3D images.

Our approach is ten times faster, thus being a smart choice solution for scanning thousands of items a day (what a trick for furniture catalogs!). Cappasity own 3D format and CDN solution ensure fast 3D image downloading and does not overload a website with heavy traffic. Besides, Cappasity tools show better compatibility with various browsers than most counterparts. Let numbers speak for themselves: top luxury retailers see conversion increase by 10–40% after implementing 3D imaging, and 91% of customers want to have the ability to have a 360-degree view of a product.

The company established relationships with large merchants and fashion brands, such as TSUM, Jazmin Chebar, Jake, PrestaShop and some others. We joined a renowned Plug & Play Retail accelerator, participated in a number of expos and forums in Paris, Munich and New York. The company gained spotlight and business partners, but, what is more important, we saw a way for further development.

Once we understood the importance of well-developed community for the company’s growth, we decided to exploit this area. According to the EIU, 78% of entrepreneurs say, that networking is vital to success. Any business, nascent or long-established, needs an audience, and the well-organized Internet resources (websites, corporate portals, forums, social media pages, etc.) contribute significantly to an enterprise’s marketability, the sustainability of its development and the popularity among consumers.

All things considered, Cappasity decided to make an open platform and create a blockchain-based ecosystem for 3D/AR/VR content. Users, developers and businesses will benefit from 3D object creation, embedding and trading, and it will be used for multiple sectors — gaming, entertainment, retail, art, education, health and far more. Through the creation of such ecosystem Cappasity eliminates the key obstacle for AR/VR industry growth — lack of content and expensive content production.