Immersive Learning and Training — Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Stories about the 3D printing of organs are appearing in the media more frequently, but many don’t realize how much of a factor 3D is becoming in the training of medical professionals. Surgery is a skill, and like any other skill people improve with practice. This should not come as a surprise to anyone — but what is shocking is the lack of good training models.

An innovative engineering lab invents a unique technology allowing for rapidly prototyping soft models with properties similar to human tissue. This enables doctors to rehearse difficult operations before they happen and to improve their training in surgery and medicine. To bring this cutting-edge 3D printing technology to medical centers, universities and beyond, these institutions join the Cappasity Ecosystem to sell their 3D printed models stored as 3MF (3D Manufacturing Format) files. The more 3D printing spreads in healthcare, the more medical labs become equipped with their own 3D printers and need ready-to-print models for medical training.

3D printed patient models help reduce the learning curve for medical students and doctors, while also providing safer, less expensive surgical care for patients. Meanwhile, the engineering lab releases model updates and profits from the market. Vast opportunities for groundbreaking startups and overhaul of a healthcare industry — what an exciting possibility!