Important information about scammers

Cappasity’s official oken Crowdsale has started. The token generation event is attracting interest from around the globe. The mechanism of an ICO is still a new one, and with the introduction of new ICO’s more and more ‘new-comers’ are attracted to ICO participation, for the first time. As with anything of value there are always some in the wider ‘technology’ community wanting to take advantage of other’s hard work and intent to create and share value.

With this note of ‘caution,’ I inform you the Cappasity ICO, has attracted the attention of scammers, those who by illegal and dishonest acts attempt to mimic the honest ICO mechanisms by clever copies and fakes. We have observed scammers create fake ‘Cappasity’ and ‘’ websites and wallets and post injurious content onto our support and interest group channels. This gives such post the illusion of legitimacy and transparency when none exists. We are continually striving to keep our domain and tools free from this ‘pollution.’

It is a prudent time to detail to you, our loyal supporters and contributors, a few basic rules and observations which can ensure your Cappasity ICO journey is without incident. Firstly, our official landing page is — When selecting the ‘Buy’ button you will be redirected to the ‘’ domain. The ‘’ reference is the only URL of creditability. Any other likeness, abstraction, reflection or representation are FAKE! There is an entire channel of dedicated staff ready to take your question, please reach out at —, should you have the slightest suspicion or doubt. In this case it is truly better to safe than sorry.