Is the 3D World set for a Mass Adoption Event with the release of the new iPhone?

If you are an owner of an iPhone, or have an iPhone user in the house, you will know how loyal and patriotic these owners are to their favourite mobile platform devices. What the Apple brand has managed to do is create a Brand where their loyal band of followers continually upgrade to the new device, even if there current device is only 12 months old. Apple creates this demand pull by ensuring with each release of the new device there is a new mobile “MUST-HAVE” contained within, that the previous model just does not support.

The biggest new feature in the upcoming iPhone 8 will be an augmented reality (AR) suite. Augmented reality is generally the placing of computer rendered images into the real world. This rendering is completed with a view to assist, enhance or adapt a real world situation with a computer graphic giving the viewer the benefit of seeing the convergence of ‘real-world’ with ‘computer assisted.’

Is it significant that Apple will release this functionality into their preeminent ‘bellwether’ product? Yes — hugely significant! Apple have been arguably the premier global Band for mobile connected technology ‘MUST-HAVE’S’ for the last 10 years. Apple have created a ‘behemoth’ by creating a product line and subsequent demand by ensuring the following:

· Products are created in service of a real market want, not to become a technology leader

· Products must be intuitive, and easy to use

· Engineered for simplicity

There is one thing, as certain as Night follows Day, with the inclusion of an AR suite into the latest iPhone, there will be a guaranteed quality of usability, functionality and form from this original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and mobile platform provider. New iPhone will present a high point for all within the growing 3D community and a level at which all other mobile device OEM’s (Android) must achieve in the pursuit of competition. Further, it will represent a recognition of the coming of age of this burgeoning technology, the value of its contents as a vehicle of redesign, and vindication for the Cappasity Team, in respect what they are engaged in building today, as this article goes to press!

With iPhone’s support for augment reality and what that means for new levels of 3D awareness, it must bode well for the ground swelling of interest around content creators and users. Will this handset’s release signify the mass adoption of AR/VR and 3D content, its creation, use, trade and democratization? I believe so! With an understanding of the ongoing and future value of 3D content the Cappasity Team have developed a number of new business development triggers, mechanism to incubate, nurture and develop the burgeoning 3D industry.

The first trigger for platform maturation and amplification is targeted at the AR/VR and 3D development communities, both directly and indirectly. Cappasity offer up a sweeping range of software tools and an SDK targeted at AR/VR/3D content generation, image embedding as well as data import from popular 3D design software including Autodesk® products, Blender and others. This development platform feature is made available to the developer community enabling a new group of developers to experiment with and include 3D images into their development projects. Developers will be free to ‘daisy chain’ their own app development on top of the Cappasity SDK and software tools suite. User cases include the inclusion of embedded 3D objects and models and the integration of their own proprietary development within the rich tapestry that is the Cappasity SDK and software resources.

In concert with the above, Cappasity is set to establish two funding schemes to support active content creators and developers of innovative AR/VR/3D software. The funds, known as ‘The Reward Fund” and “The AR/VR Innovation Fund” will receive, at the end of the token sale period, 10% and 20% of the raised funds respectively for excellence in innovative 3D product development and excellence in active 3D content creation. The strategy of rewarding the creators and contributors of content, to the marketplace ecosystem value chain, is completely consistent with the Cappasity ethos of returning value back to those within the community insuring its continued circulation.

Via Cappasity’s SDK and software tools, together with the financial incentives, Cappasity are ensuring developers, content creators, content users and customers see the continual growth of content and trade within their AR/VR, 3D marketplace ecosystem and this is good news for everyone within the 3D community.