New trend: Escape rooms in virtual reality

VR is expected to shape the future of the entertainment industry. Immersive theaters, 3D movies, VR theme parks, and escape rooms will provide fun and entertainment to everyone.

VR escape rooms are a specific form of popular entertainment. Players put on VR headsets and dive into compelling new worlds. Players have to learn how to move their virtual bodies in space and solve the quest’s puzzles. Players can fly, explore, communicate, and work their way through the adventure. VR quests will have everyone wanting to take part.

Are VR quests more exciting than quests in reality? Well, this is for individuals to decide for themselves. If moving around, touching objects, and getting a bit of exercise is what you seek, then real escape rooms might be better. But VR quests offer fantastic journeys to thousands of worlds that you just cannot get in reality.

Of course, the nascent industry still has to solve a few problems. The first of them is dizziness and nausea, which prevent adventurers from fully enjoying the experience. Since the brain believes what it sees, it sends movement impulses to the body, while in fact, the person is perfectly still.

Another problem, the lack of high-quality VR content, is weighing on the whole industry. The Cappasity Ecosystem offers an ultimate solution, as the Cappasity platform and tools will facilitate the production and exchange of AR/VR and 3D content.

VR quests present unique new experiences that provide unprecedented immersion into virtual worlds in the company of friends. Welcome to the future!