On 24 August, Cappasity will take part in FinPitch 2017 (New York). The event is organized as a part of Fintech Week, which brings together investors, consulting agencies, start-ups, academies, government and innovators.

FinPitch is a half-day conference focused on presenting the industry’s rising stars. Each pitch lasts for five minutes with three minutes of Q&A. This fast-paced event allows participants to build plenty of networking time into one day. Cappasity’s representatives will unveil their further plans on the Cappasity platform’s development and on the ARToken project for the first time.

The Cappasity platform is designed to ensure the smooth exchange of 3D/AR/VR content. The project is to draw together two disruptive innovations of the digital world — blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockchain will provide a way to identify the true content creators, respect their copyrights, and a digital utility currency, the ARToken (ART) will facilitate the 3D content exchange. The decentralized billing system is capable of handling a large number of transactions, secured by smart contracts. This ecosystem is projected to be a breakthrough in areas with extensive use of 3D content.