Part 1 — Describing the Cappasity value proposition — The Technology Platform

This is the first blog in a two part series describing the Cappasity Value proposition, today. The statement ‘today’ is an important addition and one I will return to at the end of this piece as it adds something conceptually unique to this commentary about future value. Examination of value should be an investigation of the ‘whole,’ an objective analysis of the moving parts, working together, to create the entire unabbreviated value offer. Due to constraints on length, ‘word-count’ and for the purpose of brevity I must divide my total commentary in two parts.

Part One will critique the Cappasity technology offer, as it stands today, as it adds to value today! I will resist the urge to speak to each part of the technology separately, although each piece of development, making up a Software as a service platform, deserves such attention. I will describe the technology by virtue of what it achieves, changes or revolutionizes in the platform’s pursuit of value. There will be no technological nomenclature used as the writing speaks to the value created and not the technology itself.

Part 2 will discuss the Cappasity collaborators, our partners, stakeholders and contributors, a group I like to call, ‘the collective Cappasity Community.’ Part 2 will examine how mutually beneficial relationships speak to the creation of ongoing commercial value for Cappasity but also something more than that, the manifestation of a dream, to build a 3D marketplace ecosystem to drive AR/VR and 3D content creation forward along the 3D development continuum.

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If asked, what is the single thing Cappasity does today, to create immense value for tomorrow, I would answer, “Cappasity eliminates today, the key obstacle for AR/VR and 3D industry growth. Cappasity does this in two ways, (i) by addressing the abhorrent lack of available 3D content and, (ii) by providing Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform to give 3D content creators an alternative to expensive content production without the need of access to expensive hardware and exclusive knowledge of intricate software packages.

The lack of 3D content, in the Market place today, is stifling 3D industry growth for tomorrow. Enabling access to content creation tools, and supportive models for use, will create and define a convergence of business, industry and ecosystem wants. The first step is making available 3D content, via the Cappasity marketplace, which will enable developers to buy or rent high-quality 3D assets, thus producing more AR/VR apps and content. Further, building a rich tool set will enable ‘hassle-free’ embedding of 3D product images into websites and apps. And the continuum moves one step forward. An ‘endless knot’ effect of growth causing exponentially more growth.

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The Cappasity value proposition today already contains a working platform enabling the creations of 3D content in a form and function quicker, cheaper and more intuitive than any competitor. The economics, availability and ease of access, as described above, will see multiple vertical value growth opportunities created for Cappasity. Cappasity has matured and maturing relationships with ‘behavior change leaders’ in the Gaming, Entertainment, Retail, Art, Education, and Health sectors. This is greatly significant by itself as it directly speaks to the Cappasity intent to create ‘3D industry demand’ by provisioning the SDK’s and API’s necessary to ‘push demand’ to the audience, not yet educated as to the ease and simplicity of the Cappasity 3D content production system.

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For those of you who are ‘female fashion empersarios’ you will be aware of the online Brand ‘Jazmin Chebar’ and what it means in the context of large sized catalogs of Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Cappasity is the ‘provider of first choice’ for 3D content to Jazmin Chebar providing a working solution for fast production of 3D content. Jazmin Chebar provide the ‘fresh styles of choice’ for young women so it is a critical solution servicing a demanding demographic as it is able to provide complete solutions to complex customer needs, quickly. Cappasity’s 3D enabling platform received a vigorous workout from the retail giant and come out, guns blazing. If we can support Jazmin Chebar, we can support you! Retailers have reported an increase of retail sales conversion by 30–40% after implementing 3D imaging. In a market of shrinking margins this is great news for all retailers and represents a future marketing, must-have.

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Any story about an evolutionary technological solution is never about technology alone and the Cappasity story is no different. The greatest technology in the World is next to valueless unless it addresses a real market need. Just how big is the AR/VR and 3D market opportunity? In May 2014 Facebook paid 2 Billion USD for the purchase of Oculus, a hardware/software company specializing in 3D everything from Games to hardware to virtual sculpturing and 3D printing. Goldman Sachs forecast the AR/VR software market to achieve $35bn by 2025 with 60% of AR/VR software revenue driven by the consumer. That’s a size that matters!

The age of AR/VR assisted everything is coming. 3D technology is not about a particular demographic but about enhanced content, awareness and experience for everyone throughout the remit of the user case continuum. 3D content, and the creation of same, has relevance now for the video gamers, Healthcare industry, Engineering industry, Live Events industry, Amusement industry, Retail Industry, Real Estate industry, Educational industry and many more. Cappasity is critically positioned today with the technology, experience, knowhow and platform to offer solutions to today 3D needs.

Cappasity believes 3D content will drive the next industry evolution step forward and realizes such a disruptive change, in the standard media marketing model, requires a disruptive technological response. Cappasity Technological answer is to converge the ease of great AR/VR and 3D content creation together with an immutable record of provenance, via a Blockchain to deliver a AR/VR content creation, publication, storage and management platform supported by a digital currency of fairness and transparency.

The final piece of the value puzzle will be part 3, the commission of the Cappasity marketplace Platform as a Service (PaaS) product leveraging Blockchain infrastructure to create a full marketplace 3D ecosystem for the maturation, commercialisation, and monetization of 3D content for the health of the industry and the benefits of all who participate.