Part 2 — Describing the Cappasity value proposition — The power of collaboration

This is corollary to Part 1, titled: “Describing the Cappasity value proposition — The Technology Platform.” Part 1 critiqued the Cappasity technology offer, and more importantly what the developed, embedded and enabling technology did in the service of value creation for the Cappasity Platform. The Cappasity platform supports AR/VR and 3D content creation, publication, storage and management that takes place on a ‘platform of trust’ supported by immutable trustless Blockсhain and a digital utility token of fairness and transparency.

Part 2 will define the Cappasity value proposition in terms of the value of Cappasity’s collaborations. I believe it is almost never that technology, by itself or in of itself, does anything to disrupt, innovate or speciate. Let me cite a rather obvious example to illustrate this point. The Silk Road is an online black market and has gained a notoriety for selling everything illegal including Drugs, Guns and fake passports/Licenses etc. The business case for this illegal endeavor only came into fruition with the collaboration of the TOR browser, a mechanism of shrouding an originating IP address from the intended destination computer serving the request; and bitcoin, a decentralized anonymous digital currency. The TOR technology had existed and did nothing of itself and bitcoin was also known but it was the collaboration of the two technologies, the bringing together around the idea of an unregulated marketplace where anonymity was considered advantageous, that created a new online marketplace where no marketplace had existed previously.

Before we critique individual instances of Cappasity’s collaborations, let’s first unwrap some of mystery around this often misused term.


When I think of collaboration I think of a partnership, … a coming together of a mutual intent to manifest an act of doing, and the doing is often disruptive, innovative creative or at least redefining. The word ‘collaboration’ is arguably one of the most powerful words in the English vernacular today. The power that I refer is the power I cited in the ‘Silk Road’ Marketplace example above.

The power is one of a utility power born of both a good and bad, a yin and yang. The yin describes the disruptive power of collaboration and is manifested in the destroying of an old industry, service, or process and the replacing of the old with the new. The yang describes the building of new value, often but not always, at the cost of another. Collaboration can also be viewed in the terms of a synergy where the sum of the masses is greater than the sum of the two parts, exponentially more.

Why Collaboration is so definitive of Cappasity?

The ability to collaborate is not born of intention alone. In respect of Cappasity, the very architecture of the PaaS has been envisaged, developed and designed, from the foundations up with the sole purpose of enabling the building of a 3D marketplace ecosystem. This is an important point. When you recognize you are building something, an ecosystem in this case, that cannot be built by you alone, but rather, will only be realized with the contributions of others, and in this case a community of others, then the very architecture must support collaboration at the core of service’s “beating heart.” I believe this is a core competitive advantage that sets Cappasity miles in front of others in this domain.

What is the domain I hear you ask? It is the AR/VR and 3D content creation and management domain, a domain in its infancy and yet to be fully defined. The domain today is characterized by a number of content ‘centralized hubs’ which, by themselves, define the economies of ‘content supply and demand’ with an attitude of, “ take it or leave it — it is at our terms!” Cappasity is set to go head to head against the oligopoly in a fight for heart of soul of the 3D industry.

Cappasity defines the future of 3D as being content lead. Cappasity believe up to now there has been a real lack of great and readily available AR/VR content as well as an inability to produce great AR/VR content easily, cheaply, and without software and equipment knowledge and know-how. Cappasity converges the ease of great AR/VR and 3D content creation together with an immutable record of provenance via a “Blockсhain” to deliver an AR/VR content creation, publication, storage and management platform supported by a digital currency of fairness and transparency. It is Cappasity’s aim to democratize the world of 3D content creation and management. Cappasity is building a management, infrastructure and marketplace platform and is calling on all in the 3D community to come and make the platform theirs’.


The Platforms as a Service business model is built on the general construct of three collaborative states. These are (i) how inviting is the platform to encourage others to come, connect, plug into, share and transact; (ii) how inviting is the platform for producers and consumers to participate and share in rewards (iii) how inviting is the platform in creating ongoing trust in participation and the co-creation of mutual value. The platform model is a model of collaboration where the most valuable asset of the platform is the community’s ability to orchestrate the resource inputs into it, this means a focus away from managing the value chain to a focus of enabling interactions between members of the community. Sound familiar — it is exactly what Cappasity are building into their 3D ecosystem.

Example 1 — collaborating with Lafayette Plug and Play

In a move signalling Cappasity’s continual momentum forward, Cappasity was selected to participate with Lafayette Plug and Play, a leading retail and fashion innovation house and business accelerator designed to establish and promote a ‘level of excellence’ within the next generation of retail and fashion companies. Located in Paris, Lafayette selects top start-ups twice a year to promote cooperation and build value verticals within its partner groups.

The collaboration with Lafayette Plug and Play is important for Cappasity, but also definitive of type of collaboration events Cappasity will be targeting around other industry sectors. Partnering with a Platform provider enables relationships to be built quickly, lessening the sales cycle and ensuring the collaboration model is multi-layered and not a single layer at a time. Exposure to the Lafayette customer/partner list also provides an ongoing useability and relevance test as Cappasity is continually exposed to the most innovative advancements in retail and fashion e-commerce ensuring the Cappasity value offer remains flexible, malleable and representative of industry customer demands.

Being the, Platform as a Service (PaaS) of choice, in respect to all AR/VR and 3D for the retail and fashion industry represents an opportunity for exponential growth. The question of value attribution then becomes a simpler one, will 3D permeate everything in respect of offering an enhanced immersive sales experience for retail and fashion? If the answer is a resounding YES, and I believe it is, then the value assigned to this collaboration event is vindicated.

And just how large and distinguished is the Lafayette customer/partner list? The list includes the likes of: Carrefour, Galleries Lafayette, Tesco, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Lacoste, Kering and Rakuten. Impressive hey!


Example 2 — collaborating with PrestaShop

In concert with the above, this example is also descriptive of a multi-layer approach to collaboration seeing the Cappasity service footprint extend to over 250,000 ecommerce shops worldwide, via a single relationship. Cappasity’s collaboration with PrestaShop sees the coming together of the Cappasity 3D marketplace ecosystem with PrestaShop’s open Source software to enable 250,000 online retail outlets to enable 3D content into their existing e-commerce platform. Collaboration must be born of need, access and ease and as easy as one, two, three the hard work is over and the existing online images are transformed into something with clarity, density and perception. Step 1 is a simple Cappasity software download enabling the creation of 3D images easily. Step 2 means opening a Cappasity Cloud account. Step 3 sees the embedding of the 3D images by synchronizing the Cappasity cloud data ID with your PrestaShop data ID. Your online e-commerce is 3D ready to go!


These examples are representative of two of many collaborative events Cappasity is currently engaged. Cappasity architecture has been envisaged, developed and designed, from the foundations up with the sole purpose of enabling the act of collaboration. The act of democratization is the act of consultation and collaboration. When you recognize you are building an ecosystem that cannot be built by you alone, but rather, will only be realized with the contributions of a community of others, then the very architecture must support collaboration at the core of the service’s “soul.” It is this understanding, and a willingness to share and collaborate, not own and control, that sets Cappasity miles in front of others in this domain.