Phase 1 of the sale has ended, and we have sold 295 million of Cappasity tokens

Dear crowdsale participants,

Phase 1 of the sale has ended, and we have sold 295 million of Cappasity tokens including bonuses! We are moving forward and plan to support the token on the Cappasity platform within the next month.


We are now beginning to prepare for the token distribution process which will take place on November 30. We are giving you exactly one week to add an ERC-20 wallet address and verify that your contact e-mail address is correct. We will publish the smart contract address as soon as we complete its security audit prior to releasing it online.

We will send the U.S. crowdsale participants separate e-mails with the link for downloading the signed SAFT contracts.

Checklist (please, complete before November 30):
- Check your balance and transactions;
- Enter your e-mail address;
- Enter your ERC-20 compatible wallet address.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at


Upon consulting with our partners, we made a strategic decision of great importance to us — the token will be listed on the exchange under the symbol “CAPP” so that it will be more strongly connected to the Cappasity Ecosystem’s development. Consequently, this branding will favorably impact the exchange rate.

Our project has attracted new partners, and the name ARtoken restricts the token’s scope of application. For instance, we are currently examining the possibility of using the Cappasity token for VR amusement parks, and our partner prefers neutral branding. The other potential partner who is planning to use our token as a means of payment for 3D design software supports that opinion too. As we are doing everything possible to promote the Ecosystem’s growth, upon considering our partners’ preferences as a whole, we have decided to abolish the “AR” symbol in favor of “CAPP” or “Cappasity token”.

The second reason is that not all exchanges support two letters in coin symbols. For example, Bittrex imposed a restriction of this kind.

ARtoken will remain in some of our materials for a while, but the branding will shift to Cappasity because the token’s value on the exchange to Phase 2 highly depends on Cappasity’s success. During Phase 1, we realized it was a mistake to separate Business and Token Sale websites. There was a lot of traffic from our main website ( since people were going there to find information about the ICO. We are planning to combine all of our resources under the same umbrella in the very near future.


We expect to start trading on HitBTC on December 5. Currently, we are negotiating with other exchanges, and they are waiting for us to update the crowdfunding information and the contact address. We plan to release the CAPP token on one or two additional exchanges.

Be on the lookout for a new newsletter with smart contract details in a couple of days!