Pixelllo to use Cappasity’s technology for a new marketplace

Pixelllo signs an agreement with Cappasity to utilize its technology for demonstration of products. Cappasity’s technology will be utilized not only for Pixelllo’s new marketplace, that is now under development, but also for its VR/AR store. Pixelllo restarts its online store, with a completely new concept being behind the restarting process.

The company will use Cappasity’s technology to quickly produce thousands of 3D images of its merchandise. As of now, Pixelllo’s website is being renovated and, therefore, is not available. A new version of the website will be released this year.

Pixelllo is an integrated online platform that delivers accountable, effective and thought-provoking business ideas. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company offers a 360° approach to marketing and promotion — integrating the right technology advertising & social media, affiliate marketing, gamification, mobile & app development, augmented & virtual reality, so that is sure to reach business goals.

Pixelllo — https://www.facebook.com/pixelllo/

E-commerce in the Middle East

Let us take a look at a curious example:

When Souq, an e-commerce company, was just starting its business in the Middle East, both the business community and ordinary customers were skeptical about its success. The reason behind opinions of this kind was as follows: people are accustomed to going shopping there. There is a shopping mall in each quarter. No one believed that the service would come off. However, the company was making a success of its business and. In 2017 Amazon purchased Souq.com for $580 million — https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/03/amazon-souq-com-completed/

Why are AR/VR technologies of significant importance?

AR/VR technologies provide high-quality demonstration capabilities for products. Customers are able to examine goods in detail without visiting a store, and at the same time these technologies create experience similar to offline shopping.

For instance, 3D demonstration of goods implemented into websites allows online customers to carefully study products from all angles — rotate them around their axis and zoom in or out. When they receive more information about goods, it becomes easier for them to make purchasing decisions.

Or say, a person is buying a new desk. The store provides them with a unique opportunity not just to look at photos of the products they are interested in the catalog, but project 3D Holograms of the products into their room and see how a particular desk would fit into their home.

When it comes to customers, the implementation of these technologies spares time and energy, helps them make the right choice and makes shopping, to some extent, more entertaining and thrilling.

To get a taste of a VR store powered by Cappasity 3D View format, check the following video: