Sandbox: First try, then buy

Most developers prefer employing in-house 3D artists to produce the content for their own needs. The employment rate of 3D artists and animators is projected to grow 6% by 2024 due to increased demand for animation and visual effects in video games, movies, and other industries. Fewer consumers buy ready-made 3D content in online stores, such as TurboSquid, Asset Store or Reallusion Content Store, because it is difficult enough to find content and practically impossible to try and see if a chosen 3D models is the one you want before purchase.

The first issue is comparatively easy to solve by providing artists with a tool to produce 3D content faster. That is exactly what Easy 3D Scan does. This software enables users to turn a real object into an image in 3D View or 3D Hologram format conveniently and quickly.

Our innovative Sandbox service is designed to handle the second issue. In this article we are going to give an overview of the opportunities this utility provides and what it can be used for.

All content on the Cappasity marketplace can be deployed in the Sandbox area before purchase. The Sandbox has a built-in viewer for content as well as tools to test AR/VR/3D content in practice. This in particular will be of great value for developers wishing to see how content behaves when run on different devices.

Sandbox was created to satisfy the following demands:

  • To test the quality of content before purchase to avoid disappointment in the future.
  • To check the content’s format compatibility.
  • To see if a 3D model meets the requirements of an app’s polygon budget or texture mapping. For example, the more detailed the object is, the more polygons are in a polygon mesh of the model and, consequently, the more computationally intensive it is to display.
  • To test integration with other SDKs.
  • To verify the embedding plugin for the preferred development framework.

On top of that, a buyer can embed a 3D model into an app or a website before purchase.

Access to 3D content is provided via a special link. To embed the content, you should first add the Cappasity plugin to your development framework or insert the code into the website.

Cappasity secures copyright protection. Content owners have the right to forbid embedding for tests. Please note as well, that inside the Sandbox, a buyer is granted only a temporary access to the content via link. In case of embedding the models into a development framework, the import plugin deletes the tested content upon expiration of the test period.

The opportunity to try on clothes before buying is an undeniable advantage of brick-and-mortar stores. The same is true for 3D content — it is way better and more convenient to test it on the website or in the app, to see if it works for you, and this is the purpose we have in mind introducing Sandbox.