Seeing 3D technology extend your marketability and market footprint.

Goldman and Sachs have conservative estimates of the AR/VR market by 2025 at 80 Billion USD, with 60% of VR/AR software revenue driven by consumer demand.

Performers today realise their personal image is their passport to the next leading role. Industry insiders and performers themselves say, the window of opportunity, the golden years per say, is from late teens to early forty’s. This is a short window of opportunity in comparison to more mainstream professions. Can 3D technology help the aspiring actress/actor/model/performer obtain the most from their greatest asset, and thus ensure a greater chance of work and fame?

An out of work actress has an interest in new technologies and knows the power of social media. She believes if she can expose her image, it is akin to begin in multiple places, multiple countries at the same time and thus exponentially increase her chances of being discovered. She hears about Cappasity 3D image creation platform and registers for a free Cappasity user account. She downloads the Cappasity 3D Scan mobile application for iPhone. She uses the intuitive mobile application to create a 3D rendered image of herself.

She places the 3D model of herself on the Cappasity Ecosystem to share with prospective employers, talent and modelling agencies and social networks. She lists the hologram, on the Cappasity marketplace ecosystem, in the exclusive content category, and sets the lease price. Within a week of her 3D figure becoming publicly available, she gets requests from fashion brands and designers to rent her hologram image for virtual fashion shows and standing exhibit displays. Upon her early success leading fashion labels embed her hologram image into their AR/VR applications and pay her a monthly fee for the use of her content.

Within months her image is seen everywhere. She is busy flying around the World doing special guest appearances in support of her avatar. She is soon in negotiations with a leading movie production house to do three upcoming attractions. The deal is dependent on the movie housing taking a three year exclusivity clause over her image and all manifestations of same. She agrees!

The nuances of ownership, subject to conditions, are easily encapsulated within the ‘Terms of the Contract.’ Cappasity Utility Tokens are moved around the Cappasity Marketplace ecosystem in accordance with the ‘Smart Contract’ and the assignment of value. This commercial flexibility is easily accounted for within the Cappasity marketplace platform. By the use of a Cappasity Utility Token the entire ecosystem enjoys the transparency and immutability only a trustless distributed ledger system can provide.