The Cappasity platform powered by Cappasity token will be launched on Alibaba Cloud in China already in January 2018

China is one of the key markets for our business. We have big plans to expand our platform in Asia within the next year. More details to follow.

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Alibaba is one of the biggest online retailers with over 440 million users and revenue amounting to USD 22.99 bn. Its operations are not limited to online trade: the company provides Alipay and Alibaba Cloud services. Alipay, an eWallet payment method, a secure place where the shoppers can store funds to be used online, boasts 100 million daily active users with 175 million transactions per day. Alibaba Cloud introduces a suite of global cloud computing services, including data storage, relational databases, big-data processing, anti-DDoS protection and content delivery networks (CDN). In 2016, its revenue spiked by 130% and reached USD 224 m.