The Difference We Are Making

3D digitizing technology appeared only at the end of the twentieth century, but over a few short decades, it has evolved into a promising and almost universal innovation. The first prototype, constructed in 1960’s, evidently lacked a sufficiently wide assortment of features and implementation opportunities. Modern 3D scanners are used in various industries, such as engineering, healthcare, production, design, movie-making, gaming, etc.

Until quite recently production of a single 3D image took up to 30 minutes. Cappasity has found a solution: With our solution, an image may be created in two or three minutes. We have introduced a totally new format, 3D View, which revolutionizes the concept of 3D digitizing. We were the first to offer a comprehensive solution:

● Ten times faster than comparable solutions: a smart choice solution for digitizing thousands of items a day;

● Our own 3D format and CDN solution ensures fast 3D image download and does not overload websites with heavy traffic: the download rate is four times higher on average, as we stream the data and enable users to interact with an object when only 30% of it is downloaded. In other words, a user can enjoy 3D images with only 2–3 MB downloaded. CDN can improve download speed worldwide;

● API used for synchronization with product catalogs: we can implement Cappasity solutions for a customer’s store within a few days and deliver synchronization solutions via SKU number;

● Compatible with mobile apps and devices: Cappasity tools show better compatibility with various browsers then most counterparts.