To the extremes: Unlimited VR experience

VR technology provides not only immersion into fantastic worlds, but also offer unusual extreme experience. VR extreme activities, theme park or horrors –you can try whatever you wish without the slightest harm or inconvenience!

VR games that allow users to try mountaineering or parachute jumping, space flights and swimming with sharks, are becoming more popular every day. They differ from other games, first of all, due to their highly realistic images. For example, Climb, a game designed specially for Oculus Rift headset, offers users to try extreme mountain climbing. The aim was to build an entire game out of a single mechanic — climbing — that has so far been continually simplified down to a single button press. At times of stress your headset will fog and drip with virtual sweat, and you will forget your position in real space as you tense up, stretch to the next ledge and try to find a new route to safety.

VR theme parks are pioneering a new type of entertainment, and testing the boundaries of virtual human experiences. Increasingly some of the biggest theme park operators are embracing VR to give visitors an entirely new experience and hopefully boost sales. According to a recent survey conducted by Omnico, 89% of visitors across the five countries (US, UK, China, Japan and Malaysia) want VR technology to help them get more out of theme park visits by, for example, using headsets to choose rides (selected by 37%), restaurants, hotel rooms and souvenirs, to obtaining a bird’s eye view of the park on arrival (36%). Six Flags Entertainment Corp. is partnering with Samsung Electronics America to operate North America’s VR roller coasters using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

VR horror is one of the niches in VR that has a steady growing amount of fans, this has to do with the fact that VR is Immersive. Do you think the VR horror videos are scary enough? Well, you can experience much more if you are immersed in VR, the total immersion can take the horror elements and ratchets them up to a brand-new level! Even the simplest things, which will only make an experienced gamer yawn, will make you shiver — hearing a crack of old wooden door or heavy panting of some invisible creature behind you back is not the same as watching horror on the screen from the safety of your chair.