User Case — AR mobile applications developer discovers real value — Cappasity Platform and Ecosystem

A software developer specialising in the development of mobile applications with Augmented Reality (AR) submits his work to a well-known and popular Marketplace Application Store. The application superimposes animated 3D graphics over a standard video stream. The monetization model is freemium, meaning the user can select to display the video stream free of any AR, or alternatively pay for the ability to display exclusive AR content, specific to the user’s preference.

The demand for 3D images, type and preference, from within the mobile application, is not predictable. The developer has discovered that the mobile app development is only part of the challenge, often the greater challenge lies in understanding market tastes, as it relates to the different AR content produced for different user demographics. The developer engaged in a number of market studies, through a 3rd party marketing company, in order to understand the market and thereby supply the nuance demand more accurately. The engagement with the marketing company is expensive and severely reduces positive cash flow. The developer realised he had to find another solution which affords a market understanding without the marketing cost. What does our developer do?

The developer learns of the Cappasity 3D market ecosystem from an industry contact. Can Cappasity provide the solution he needs and allow ‘shorter filter times to market’ thus shortening development iteration cycle times? The developer pays for a short-term rental of 3D images sourced from the Art libraries on the Cappasity infrastructure platform. The sourcing of the 3D images is through the Cappasity 3D marketplace. The images are embedded into the app via the Cappasity platform SDK’s. Part of what the platform provides is a measure of installs, conversion rates to paying customers and payment demographics.

The result of the alliance between content creator and Cappasity is the developer is informed of what content is popular with paying users, thus quickly learns and drops ‘customer unwanted’ content in favour of keeping and further developing the most popular images and themes. The most popular content the developer chooses to purchases from the content owner. The trade in content, within the Cappasity Marketplace ecosystem, is conducted by use of the Cappasity ARToken (AR). This commercial flexibility is easily accounted for within the Cappasity marketplace platform. By the use of a AR the entire ecosystem enjoys the transparency and immutability only a trustless distributed ledger system can provide.

The developer’s revenues grow! A reputation soon develops around him, that he is a magician, with an uncanny understanding of the nature of the fickle market of ‘mobile 3D content creation and use.’ With many built-in feedback loops within the ecosystem, marketplace participants are continually informed of what content is in demand and what content is not.

Are you a software developer working with or interested in embedded 3D content? Can your development time be streamlined with improved and unlimited access to a wide variety of mobile compatible 3D content? The future is here now, Cappasity is the future of AR/VR and 3D content for everything. Learn of the ARToken offer here: