User Case — Content created and licensed for Virtual Reality Video — Cappasity Platform and Ecosystem

A video production and PR company provides services to many clients hungry for innovative and fresh content including cable-TV broadcasters, travel agencies and on-demand streaming services. It joins the Cappasity Ecosystem and places calls, for a tender, for the production of 360-degree videos on: ‘Dangers in the home’, ‘A day in a safari park’, and ‘A night at the rock festival’. Content makers from different corners of the globe send their proposals and negotiate terms. The bidding party decides to proceed with the project and licenses the rights for commercial use from the content makers. Subject to the Terms of the Contracts, Cappasity ARTokens (AR) are moved around the Cappasity Marketplace ecosystem in accordance with the ‘Smart Contract’ and the assignment of value.

This commercial flexibility is easily accounted for within the Cappasity marketplace platform. By the use of a Cappasity ARToken (AR) the entire ecosystem enjoys the transparency and immutability only a trustless distributed ledger system can provide.

The video production company ‘sells-on’ its ‘Dangers in the home’ 360-degree video to cable TV broadcasters, its ‘A day in a safari park’ video to a global chain of travel agencies and its live rock festival footage to a youth channel streaming service. The spectators enjoy never seen before content, with the use of Virtual Reality glasses, and the Cappasity Platform and ecosystem get to see another testimonial and return business. It’s a win — win — win!

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