Viral Video Contest

Dear friends, 
Last week we invited all of you to take part in a viral video creation to show the power of our community to the entire world. We have received wonderful video clips and thank all enthusiasts who have already participated.

However, to make our viral video project more thrilling, entertaining and vivid, we would like to receive more content from our audience. We kindly ask all of you to send us your videos. Authors’ Twitter accounts will be featured in the closing credits. It is you who help bring CAPP to its brighter future! Let’s join our efforts to make everyone aware of our project!

What exactly are we asking you to do? Record a very short video about why you like the 3D technology industry and the Cappasity platform, plus a few words about our community.

Your videos will be submitted to a video production studio, and they will select the most suitable fragments for the viral video (based on image quality and content). The prize for each fragment of the video is 500 CAPP!

We will publish all videos on our YouTube channel. Language — English. Resolution no less than 1080p and good-quality sound. We reserve the right to not publish a video if it is not of the desired quality.

Send an email with the subject “Viral video”, a Google Drive or Dropbox link, and a permission to use your video to