Customer Testimonial Geerdink

About Geerdink Industrial Services
The Geerdink team build and maintain industrial installations in extremely difficult and sometimes literally flammable circumstances, on a daily basis. Taking secondary activities and processes, real safety risks and the risks of failure for the customer in case something goes wrong, requires the Geerdink team to think ahead and anticipate from the engineering phase onto the final delivery.

Geerdink does not aspire to be the biggest, but wants to be the best. It is in Geerdink’s second nature to think in terms of multi-solutions and to challenge itself to do even better tomorrow what it already does well today.

Geerdink’s track record and long-standing relationship with various prominent principle oil majors do prove: Geerdink is a partner that you can rely on.

Safety Changer is our Number One for incident management and inspections. Simple, clear and very friendly for the users. All relevant information on incidents and inspections is instantly available.”

- Frits Carlebur | Geerdink

Geerdink Group has a new aid in the battle against making mistakes: the mobile safety apps of Safety Changer. These applications complete the learning and improvement cycles on our shop floors. Additionally, the use of smartphones and tablets for conducting inspections and making of incident reports saves a lot of time.

By making smart use of exponential technologies, we can now communicate better and faster. This benefit is not limited to our own team, but extends to partner-companies, subcontractors and customers. The lessons learned we want to share between one another and in the industry. This ultimately benefits the quality, speed and safety of our work.


“Safety Changer is the enterprise solution for Inspections, QHSE and Operations management. It uses mobile apps for inspections, observations and follow-up actions, which saves time. The apps replace paper forms and deliver real-time insights. With one simple click video or photos are added. Sensor data like time, NFC and geo-location are automatically added. Start facilitating work floor people, go mobile and get rid of paper. Save time and get more done in your organization. Our management dashboard makes it easy to schedule and track actions and inspections. It shows all KPIs, and distills new insights. It closes the loop by pushing notifications on relevant updates and lessons learned to the mobile devices of your teams. The benefits: engaged people, streamlined operations and a safer workplace. Safety Changer supports organizations in their journey towards operational excellence”