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Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international consulting, engineering and project management firm since 1881. It employs approximately 6,500 professionals, providing services in the field of energy, buildings, industry, infrastructure, aviation, maritime, mining, urban and rural areas, transportation and water in more than 150 countries.

“The solution to efficiently and easily benchmark the state of your company’s safety!”

Safety Changer facilitates the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) developed by Royal HaskoningDHV and Safety Maturity Tool (SMT) with mobile apps and online dashboards. The SAQ and SMT include a safety culture scan, a safety management system audit as well as an inspection of the technical installations.

For the 4th year, Royal HaskoningDHV performs the SMT for the VOTOB and for the first time now also for the members of the industry association VOMI. In order to digitize and automate the growing amount of manual labor and administration work, Royal HaskoningDHV sought a one-stop solution for:

  1. Collecting the necessary information from approximately 3,000 respondents.
  2. Assess the Safety Culture (“Mindware”), the Safety Management System (“Software”) and technical equipment (“Hardware”) by RHDHV consultants and partners.
  3. The uniform reporting on the results across 19 safety dimensions.
  4. Advising on safety performance improvements.

An innovative instrument
Royal HaskoningDHV has a new tool to measure the safety of its customers: the online platform and mobile applications of Safety Changer. The platform provides the ability to report both results “per year” (see image below) as “per function”. By visualizing results, the company gets a glance understanding of its strengths and areas for improvement.

The Result
The platform ensures the collection of the necessary data through a user-friendly questionnaire and the real time processing into a complete report. 90% time saving is achieved by the automatic and real-time reporting of the data. With the Safety Changer platform Royal HaskoningDHV has efficiently and succesfully performed safety scans among the members of the VOTOB (oil terminals) and the members of the VOMI (industrial service contractors) and several other companies in the oil & gas, chemicals and food sectors.

“Safety Changer understands our question and offers a flexible solution for measuring and reporting the safety culture of our clients”

— Johan van Middelaar | Royal HaskoningDHV

Future plans
Royal HaskoningDHV and Safety Changer will extend this success in jointly rolling out the digitized and automated SMT and SAQ iton other industries and companies.

About the Self Assessment Questionnaire
Safety is extremely important for industrial companies in the chemical industry. Every company needs to have safety well organized. Not only for its own employees, but also for residents in the vicinity and the environment. For this purpose, companies need to take all kinds of safety measures and comply to plenty of safety procedures.
Work safety is a continuous process of gaining experience, learning from each other and making daily improvements. Although very annoying, incidents and mishaps may still occur. It is therefore important to carefully look inside the industry and learn from eachother. With the objective of bringing safety performance in the various industries to an even higher level, Royal HaskoningDHV developed the Self Assessment Questionnaire