Digital Transformation of all Workplace Paper in 10 steps

from Paper to Digital in 10 steps

Nederlandse vertaling hier

  1. Start with 1 form that conveys information between point A and B [Paper form = Form 1.0]
  • Pick a simple use case for starters
  • Do make sure however it’s a relevant form for your colleagues

2. Engage with the owner of the form to show her how to use InspectionChanger to digitally transform the paper version into a digital one, as a 1-on-1 copy [Digital form = Form 1.1]

3. Introduce and use Form 1.1 during an initial learning period (~2 weeks) to have everyone understand how the app and the digital form works

  • Invite colleagues to download, install and log in to the app
  • Subscribe the selected colleagues to Form 1.1 using the portal
  • Engage them to use the app with Form 1.1
  • Receive the completed forms via mail (and in the portal)
  • Manage all data collected and the reporting using the portal

4. Engage with the owner of the form to optimise Form 1.1 with all learnings from the first 2 weeks as well as the advanced capabilities that digital forms offer into [Form 1.2]

  • what can be automated?
  • which conditionalities can be built into the form?
  • what values can be calculated automatically?
  • do we still need signatures? If yes, in what form?
  • how can we use the camera in a smart way? For photos and videos? For Barcodes and/or QR-codes?
  • can we use GPS for location capturing?
  • is it useful to use the NFC-capabilities of the phones and tablets?

5. Roll-out and use the improved version [Form 1.2] during another 2 weeks

6. Engage with the owner of the form on the “why” of the form. If applicable, invite the ultimate beneficiary (the people who eventually processes and uses the data you collect through the form), and upgrade it into [Form 2.0]

  • Why to we fill these forms out?
  • For what purpose do we gather these data?
  • Who is using the data?
  • Are the data really being used?
  • Are we formulating the right questions to get the intended data?
  • Which questions do we miss in the form?
  • Which questions can we leave out of the form?

7. Use [Form 2.0] for another 2 weeks

8. Refine into [Form 2.1] using the new experiences from Form 2.0

9. Engage with the ultimate beneficiaries on the desired shape and format of the reports. You can think of these options:

  • Enroll your colleague in the portal with an extra account for her to be able to access the built-in standard reports
  • Discuss with your customer success manager at Safety Changer the possibilities of creating a “Custom Dashboard”
  • Engage with your customer success manager at Safety Changer and your IT department to realise integration between InspectionChanger and the existing dashboards in your organisation

10. Start at point 1 for the next use case!

  • Digitally transform the next paper form (existing use cases)
  • Discuss with your team how the app can be used in new use cases

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