Dutch and Belgian authorities to streamline European waste transportation on Blockchain

Transportation and Disposal of Waste is regulated by EU Regulation of Waste 2006

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (‘ILT’) of the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure commissioned Dutch software companies LegalThings and Capptions (formerly known as Safety Changer) to reduce the supervision costs related to European waste transportation. By combining blockchain technology with existing IT-systems, the inspection authorities can automate a significant portion of their tasks. This frees up knowledge and expertise for other important tasks that cannot be performed without human assistance (yet).

The tender is meant to demonstrate that blockchain technology can be used to create efficiency and transparency within the cross-border waste transportation process in the EU.

Elliot Donata of ILT
“At the moment, multiple different government bodies supervise and authorize the export, import and transportation of company waste throughout the European Union. The EU supervises various aspects of these processes such as granting permits, notifying involved parties of waste transports and monitoring financial security. These processes involve a lot of work that is still mostly done by paper and regular mail. At ILT we believe that a combination of smartphone applications for data intake and verification and blockchain technology is paving the way for an efficient cross-border transfer of waste.” — Elliot Donata of ILT

Today, LegalThings and Capptions in collaboration with the Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (Maarten Camps) publicly announced the project “European waste transportation on blockchain” at the Hannover CeMAT (The World leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management).

Applying blockchain technology will enable all government bodies and companies to get real-time verification of each step in the process. The project will be supported by two major waste recycling companies (Indaver and AVR), ILT and the Flemish waste authority (OVAM). The project will be applied to waste transports between The Netherlands and Flanders.

Imagine every single truck driver not having to carry any paper
”Imagine every single truck driver not having to carry any paper and not having to stop for border-crossing verification. With over 600.000 cross-border transports in The Netherlands alone each year, imagine the amount of time and money that will be saved. A huge saving potential can be unlocked using blockchain technology.” — Rick Schmitz of LegalThings

About LegalThings
LegalThings provides a Platform-as-a-Service to automate document and data-intensive processes through blockchain technology. The company was founded in 2014 by software developer Arnold Daniels, tax lawyer Rick Schmitz and business economist Martijn Migchelsen.

Capptions helps the Inspectorate to digitize their workflows

About Capptions
Capptions provides organizations a Platform-as-a-Service that allow them to digitize their work processes into smart, easy-to-use micro-apps. Capptions was founded in 2015 by software developer Ruben Stolk and logistics engineer Jonathan Stolk, his brother.

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