InspectionChanger on the road with ILT

Today Ruben and Frank joined a mobile inspection team from ILT (the Dutch Inspectorate of the Environment and Transport) in performing checks on cross-border waste transportation between Germany and the Netherlands. The check covers both the physical goods and the paper-works, including the permits. ILT has chosen InspectionChanger as their generic inspection application (GIA), for furthering the digital transformation of this inspection process (and the likes). The aim is to fully eliminate paperwork and double data entry and to enhance the user experience for the individual inspectors in the field. In the same time, completing the digital transformation of the inspection processes will greatly relieve the burden of the legally obligated inspections on the transport sector.

“It’s our mission to increase the effectiveness of our legal inspection task while reducing the impact for entrepreneurs in the sector” — Ben Zwartveld

“It’s Safety Changer’s job to implement the GIA as a versatile and flexible front-end integrated with a blockchain enabled back-end that allows for cross-border, cross-party trust in the permits, goods and financial details administered through InspectionChanger” says Ben Zwartveld, enterprise architect and advocate of the digital transformation process ILT is in.

Frank (left) and Ruben in front of the ILT-van used by Koos and Piet

“Thanks to inspectors for having us join them for a day! Their openness provided us a lot of insights into the practical details of the inspection processes and their specific requirements for working under mobile circumstances”, says Frank, customer success manager at Safety Changer. “Being this close to the people on the job reveals what they really need in the GIA and how we can support them best with our platform.”

“Together, we have gathered current bottlenecks and improvement points. This will greatly benefit the successful configuration and roll-out of the InspectionChanger-based GIA” — Frank Gruijters
Optical inspection of the transported waste

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