New release of the Safety Changer platform

We’ve added a lot of functionality in the last few weeks. In this blog we’ll cover the most important new features:

  • ObservationChanger 4.0
  • Offline images in inspections
  • Import actions via excel
  • Web notifications extended
  • PDF report inspections improvements

Check out the details below:

ObservationChanger 4.0

The design of the ObservationChanger has changed:

Screenshot of the new ObservationChanger
  • Observe even quicker and more easily
  • The design is aligned again with our other apps: the InspectionChanger and ActionChanger
  • You no longer need to fill in an Organisation ID while logging in.
  • It’s possible to add custom fields to the app. For instance: add an additional question to the observation form or action in the ActionChanger. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Offline help images in InspectionChanger

From now on you can view help images offline, so you can view them without an internet connection.

Here’s how: Open an inspection while you have an internet connection. The InspectionChanger will automatically synchronize the template and its help images. Check out the screen shot on the right: the images in the templates with the green icons are available offline.

Import Actions via MS Excel

From now on you can import an action list from MS Excel to our Action Module. Check the image below.

Web notifications extended

We’ve extended the notifications in your browser. Receive immediate updates on all imports, exports and reports!

PDF inspection report improved

We’ve made several improvements to the PFD template:

  • Column width now depends on the length of the question and answer
  • Photo’s in the report have a higher resolution
  • At sections with a lot of questions a tracking number is added

Would you like a custom report? Send a message to discuss the possibilities!

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