New release of the Safety Changer platform | March ‘17

We’ve added a lot of functionality in the last few weeks. In this email we will cover the most important new feautures.

  • QR- and barcode scanner support
  • Find users by their e-mailadres
  • Extended menus in ‘Manage Observations’ and ‘Manage Actions’
  • Web notifications extended: direct download

Check out the details below:

QR- en barcodes support in inspections

The newest version of the InspectionChanger supports scanning QR and barcodes. Enable this by checking the box next to ‘Barcode’ while adding a question to a template. No more copying serial numbers or any codes!

Find users by their email address and filter on teams

It has become easier to find users in the platform. From now on you can find them, besides their name, via their email address.

You can also filter on team members. Use the ‘filter on team’ button to see members of a specific team (see image below)

Extended menus in ‘Manage Observations’ and ‘Manage Actions’

Casefile owners no longer need to filter to find their own casefiles, as we have created a designated tab for the ones you own.

In Manage Actions we’ve created shortcuts to check out the different categories of actions:

  • My Actions
  • Active
  • Rejected
  • Overdue
  • Completed
  • All

Web notification extended: direct download

You can now download reports and exports directly from the platform’s web notification. Click on the notification bell in the top right corner and then on ‘download’

For more detailed information or questions about the new functionality, please get in touch via