6 Steps to Successful Workplace Observations in Less than One Minute

ObservationChanger 4 is the easiest way to record work-place observations. It takes less than 1 minute to make a detailed recording of your observation

Record anything that is worth professional follow-up

Use ObervationChanger to record:

  • compliments
  • safe acts
  • ideas for improvement
  • complaints
  • non-conformities
  • unsafe acts
  • incidents

Anything that is worth professional follow-up, ObservationChanger is ready to record it, on the spot, and in the moment itself

6 Steps to Successful Observations

6 Steps to Successful Observations

  1. Open the app
  2. Hit the ‘New Observation’ button
  3. Start recording. Use the speech-to-text function of your smartphone to add details. Use the camera to add a video and detail-photos
  4. Mark the time of your observation
  5. Place the pinpoint on the place of observation on the map provided
  6. Finally, select the severity that best fits the observation
Which of the 5 Severity Levels should I pick?

Which of the 5 Severity Levels should I pick?

Low severity — use this one for things that do not require immediate attention. E.g. a compliment on something that works allright

Medium severity — use this one for items that require someone to look into. E.g. an idea for improving the quality or the safety in your process

High severity — use this one for things that require attention as soon as possible. E.g. something that is not right and could lead to something worse like a hole in the fence or a loose stone that could lead to someone tripping over it

Very high severity — use this option for something that has gone wrong and requires immediate follow-up. E.g. a workplace incident with damage or injury involved or a ‘near miss’ with the potential of injury

Extreme severity — this option can be used to record (additional) evidence on things that went badly wrong. E.g. cases of severe injury or massive damage

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