Safety Changer and Bosch join forces

Safety technology for life

Safety Changer and Bosch Security Projects, the leading provider of total security solutions for fire, evacuation, communication, intrusion, access, building & crisis management, announce the launch of their partnership.

Bosch Security Projects has extended her security solutions with an online platform and mobile apps. The safety- and security solutions of Bosch and the Safety Changer platform collectively form a complete and unique solution to support organizations in protecting human lives, the environment and company assets. It also helps to automate and professionalize the improvement processes regarding safety, quality and operational performance.

“Safety Changer offers a solution that simplifies the way safety is handled while improving communication between all levels within the company. It helps operations to be more efficient, accurate and safer. We are very proud to become a vital part of the innovative security solutions of Bosch Security Projects” — Jonathan Stolk (CEO of Safety Changer)

“Together with Safety Changer we can provide highly accurate information for our customers and their workforce onsite, streamline working processes and easily collect data about the onsite workplaces. Safety Changer is our first choice for mobile solutions, because their approach of a closed improvement cycle matches our philosophy. Usability and reliability is always their focus as it is ours as well. These two elements are key for acceptance and ownership amongst any staff, therefore the big difference between failure and success.” — Ferry Ditewig (Business Consultancy & Concepts of Robert Bosch B.V.)

Bosch Security Projects

Safety is one of the main themes that drives people. Protecting human lives and the values of organizations have the highest priority. Bosch Security Projects provides, installs and maintains a wide range of electronic and physical components and systems, which form the basis for complete, modular built safety and security solutions. Additional to their wide range of solutions, they offer comprehensive services like advice, project management, engineering, assembling and installation, commissioning, certification, maintenance and service.

In this technology based world, where technique is becoming more and more complex, Bosch Security Projects takes care of all your safety and security challenges. Bosch Security Projects is your partner when it comes to safety and security issues. They are specialized in high risk projects and have global experience in all kinds of industries.


Safety Changer is the enterprise solution for inspections, QHSSE and operations management. It uses mobile devices for filling out forms, conducting inspections and incident reporting, which saves time. Mobile apps replace paper forms and deliver real-time insights. With one simple click videos and/or photos can be added. Sensor data like time, NFC and geo-location are automatically added. Start facilitating work floor people, go mobile and get rid of paper. Save time and get more done in your organization. The Safety Changer management dashboard makes it easy to schedule and track actions and inspections. It shows all KPIs, and distills new insights. It closes the loop by pushing notifications on relevant updates and lessons learned to the mobile devices of your teams. The benefits: engaged people, streamlined operations and a safer workplace. Safety Changer supports organizations in their journey towards operational excellence. | Download the App

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