Safety Changer expands scope beyond ‘safety’ and launches Capptions which lets organisations Digitise Processes, Capture Data and Drive Progress.

Progress Management Made Simple

The Rotterdam-based team behind Software-as-a-Service player Safety Changer is responding to client demand by providing a Platform-as-a-service app to support customer process- and data-management. Capptions is built on a secure online blockchain database, and can be used to digitise any business process where continuous improvement or compliance is required.

Frank Gruijters, Customer Success Manager at

“When working with our clients and partners we found that each company was asking for Safety Changer to be customised. Furthermore, we learned that it was not only the HSE department that was trying to digitise their processes, other departments were as well. Our desire to help our clients led us to share the Safety Changer technology for applications other than safety. Capptions introduces micro-apps; a micro-app runs within the generic app but is templated to a specific use case. The customer makes and uses his own micro-apps, one for each desired process. You can compare this to the operating system on your smartphone: One OS that runs a multitude of apps, one for each purpose.” — Frank Gruijters, Customer Success Manager

Safety Changer expands beyond safety with launching Capptions

One app, unlimited applications

Management processes should be simplified. They should collect all the data, reports should be automated, and to-dos should be logged, all in a private, secure and centralised cloud, or blockchain. With Capptions, managers can create micro-apps within the Capptions-app for each step of their plan-do-check-act management system. They can automate workflows, capture data, track the progress and have reports available automatically, in real time. With Capptions, managers can achieve this themselves, without IT-support. The platform has been designed based on feedback from thousands of users. Currently, Capptions is being used in quality and facility management, operations, as well as HR and sales departments, not just safety.

Jonathan Stolk, founder and CEO at

“Many of our clients still managed their forms and follow-up procedures on paper, in Excel or in Access. This way of working wastes a tremendous amount of the valuable time of qualified workers. Capptions helps them work fully digital, and make data transparent to all involved in the process. No more waiting for paper to reach the office, everything is visible in real time. This results in getting more done in less time, better management decisions and compliance where needed.” — Jonathan Stolk, CEO

Easy and fast onboarding

Whether you are a small team or a complex enterprise, set-up all starts with the first micro-app that can go live in a matter of days. Once rolled-out, it’s a quick and easy process to add as many micro-apps as you need. Our clients include BP, Imperial Brands, Ardagh Group and Bosch, all of whom testify that they have achieved real results within 12 months. They digitised use cases like:

  • Real-estate technical inspections
  • Equipment maintenance-checks
  • Road-safety management programs
  • Lean-six-sigma routines
  • Supplier/contractor-performance management
  • Safety management
  • GDPR-compliance management

Success stories include:

  • 8x more data captured, that was previously missed or got lost: administration is now easy, fast and fun
  • 75% time saved in capturing the data and processing it into reports
  • positive ROIs across the board within a mere 12 months

About Team Capptions
The growing team is led by Jonathan Stolk, CEO and Ruben Stolk, CTO. They have been working together since 2010 and launched Safety Changer in the fall of 2014, and received funding in 2015 by Value Creation Capital, a Dutch Tech Investor. They believe that society will increasingly demand proven and continuous improvement in safety, security and sustainability. Where this inevitably poses increased complexity to organisations, Capptions helps the workplaces of the world become simpler, faster and more fun, while giving managers more control over progress in a multitude of areas, as well as safety.

One App, Unlimited Applications

For more info, please contact:
RUBEN STOLK +31646118037
JONATHAN STOLK +31626906502