Safety Changer goes Blockchain with Tymlez

Safety Changer partners with Tymlez on safety and compliance applications in Blockchain

The partnership between Safety Changer and Tymlez enable customers to share evidence and reports based on data captured with the enterprise apps of Safety Changer out of an irrefutable source of truth.

“The purpose of Safety Changer is to provide a solution that simplifies the way inspections and safety data is handled while improving communication between all levels within the company”, says Jonathan Stolk, CEO and founder of Safety Changer. In conversations with our clients, we came to realize that a distributed system which provides secure storage in an irrefutable source of truth is crucial in the GRC domain. 

We now offer organisations the possibility to harden the security of the data, collected with the Safety Changer app, and store this in the blockchain stack. This prohibits manipulation and counterfeit. The authenticity of and proof of documentation must be available for different parties on different places and can be guaranteed over time.

It’s a great pleasure to be working with Tymlez on innovative solutions in sharing information via internet on a secured and controlled manner through their blockchain technology. In a paperless world we need Tymlez’ innovative blockchain solutions to secure enterprise information sharing through our industrial apps and platform.”

“In a paperless world we need Tymlez’ innovative blockchain solutions to secure irrefutable information sharing through our enterprise apps and platform.”

— Jonathan Stolk

The Partnership

“The biggest advantage for end-users, because of it’s scalability, is that they can start using the service within minutes without upfront investments, resulting in a fast return on investment.

Tymlez users like the service because it offers them instant opportunity. Under the terms of partnership, Tymlez offers its blockchain infrastructure to SafetyChanger users.

We bring Blockchain to the Safety Changer platform thereby leveraging existing investments”, says Michael Reh, CEO and Co-Founder of Tymlez.

“We bring Blockchain to the Safety Changer platform thereby leveraging existing investments”

— Michael Reh | CEO and Co-Founder of Tymlez

About Tymlez Software & Consulting BV

Tymlez builds highly scalable enterprise ready applications on its own state of the art and adaptable industry standard framework which simplifies and accelerates web application development. With blockchain technology companies have an unprecedented opportunity to move the e2e trustlevel up, a necessity in an era in which safety and security are of vital importance.
The Tymlez framework is designed for continuous transformation and adaptability to changing standards.The company builds solutions which take into account the existing IT landscape, thereby shaping a 2-speed IT strategy for customers with timeless processes and systems as a result. With the Tymlez platform, end-users receive a highly scalable, multi-tenant, enterprise-grade smart contract enablement platform that can be deployed in minutes in various industries such as energy, finance, legal, industry, retail and culture, with solutions in the field of loyalty programs, micro payments, loyalty programs, digital asset management, digital rights management, Peer2Peer- and IoT-transactions.

The high performance of the platform allows Tymlez to develop large scale solutions for its customers. Tymlez is headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Germany and the UK.

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About SafetyChanger

Safety Changer is the enterprise solution for industrial inspections, QHSE and Operations management. It uses mobile apps for inspections, observations and follow-up actions, which saves time. The apps replace paper forms and deliver real-time insights. With one simple click video or photos are added. Sensor data like time, NFC and geo-location are automatically added.

Start facilitating work floor people, go mobile and get rid of paper. Save time and get more done in your organisation. Our management dashboard makes it easy to schedule and track actions and inspections. It shows all KPIs, and distills new insights. It closes the loop by pushing notifications on relevant updates and lessons learned to the mobile devices of your teams.

The benefits: engaged people, streamlined operations and a safer workplace. Safety Changer supports organisations in their journey towards operational excellence. You can expect what you inspect.

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