Safety Changer implements dynamic Risk Assessment for VRR

Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region (VRR) is a government organisation which executes tasks on behalf of the 15 municipalities in the region in the field of emergency response, crisis management, risk management, fire services, ambulances and medical assistance. It employs over 2,000 people, spread over the fire, ambulance, emergency room, crisis management, medical assistance and support service departments.

Smooth co-operation to touch over 1,000 audit points

Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond (VRR) has a new tool to ensure the safety of its employees: Dynamic Risk Assessment and Evaluation realised on the online platform and mobile applications of Safety Changer. The platform provides a dashboard that reports the real time status of the continual Risk Process on a “per year” as well as a per “organisational unit” basis. By visualizing the results the management gets easy insight in the strengths and the remaining areas for improvement.


Safety Changer automates the periodic Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE) for the VRR with a central database for continuous assessment, problem identification and follow-up action. The RI & E helps the VRR to bring the working conditions of its employees continuously to a higher level and to meet the requirements of the Inspectorate SZW.


For the first time, VRR executes the Risk Assessment in digital format, and for the first time it uses a central database tool that promotes net-centric communication and collaboration. In order to reduce the growing amount of manual labor and administrative impact, VRR was looking for a digital and automated one-stop solution for:

  • Collecting the required information under 2,000 employees.
  • Identify and evaluate risks to employees
  • Defining of follow-up actions into an action plan
  • Uniform reporting on 1,000 key elements


Safety Changer software ensures that the necessary data is collected through a user-friendly questionnaire and processed into a complete report in realtime. Due to the automatic and real-time reporting of the data over 50% time-saving is realised. VRR has executed the Risk Assessment successfully and efficiently in a very short period of less than three months.

“Safety Changer has helped us to do our Risk Assesment in a very short time and in a very efficient manner. We now have more time and resources left for the actual implementation of the improvement plan.”

— Rob Lange & Marco Kaak | Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam — Rijnmond

Future Plans

VRR and Safety Changer will extend this success into daily practice, which includes daily incident reports, Last Minute Risk Assessments, as well as the weekly equipment inspections and periodic building inspections. Also the personal task lists are created digitally via the user friendly Safety Changer apps.

Dynamic Risk Assessment and Evaluation

As employees regularly find themselves in special situations and are faced both literally and metaphorically with hot fires, the safety of employees is extremely important for the VRR.
VRR wants to have internal safety well organised. It is the basis for being a reliable partner when it comes to safety. Not only for its own employees, but also for the residents of the region. Work safety is a continuous process of gaining experience, learning from each other and making improvements.This way, the safety performance of the VRR can be brought to a higher level, year over year.

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