Safety Changer launches Inspections to make inspections better.

Netherlands based company to launch a smarter way to conduct inspections, checklists, surveys and last minute risk assessments.

PITCH — Safety Changer adds the Inspection application to their existing platform to make inspections, checklists and audits easier. #safety #betterworkplaces #getridofpaper

DELFT- Safety software has traditionally been developed for the employer. Getting employee engagement can be hard. Safety Changer launches a solution that focuses on the user, making their daily tasks, checklist and surveys easier. The new Inspections module reduces the time per inspection and, with the options to add rich media to questions, increases the quality of data output.

Safety Changer is the QHSE software company founded in Delft in 2010. With the penetration of smartphones in everyday life, their solution mobilizes employees to improve their workplace (safety) by providing them with the tools to record, report, track and respond to incidents and conduct inspections. The platform allows for an overview and trend analysis to be able to stage safety interventions.


Inspections is an application that allows users to conduct field, asset and safety inspections. It allows a user to set-up various inspection templates and use them in the field by using the smartphone and tablet applications for Android and iOS by accessing the application via the browser.

The Inspections module allows the user to gather information pertaining to various aspects of the object being inspected and helps enrich the inspection by adding rich media such as photos, video, audio and notes wherever required.

Since Inspections is a part of SafetyChanger’s QHSE platform, it seamlessly integrates with other modules such as incidents and actions management. It gives the users the option to record the outcome of an inspection in the form of an incident. Actions can be created based on the incidents and that way, actions immediately find their way into the organization.

Pricing and availability

The application is available on the web and as app in the Google Play store en Apple store. To request a trial account, please visit

“Obviously, creating inspection reports using Inspections is right at your fingertips. In a flash, you can generate beautiful summaries or detailed views of your inspections and findings.„Michiel Potter, COO Safety Changer