“Safety & Security Top 500”

“A publicly available benchmark in which companies are ranked according to their security and security performance is in everyone’s interest” is my statement. (Under “Everyone” I mean, among other persons, society as a whole, the individual employee, job marketers, customers, partners and suppliers, neighbors, and government departments).

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Forbes and Quote 500

The Forbes 500 is a ranking of American companies from one to the other based on a combination of 5 factors: revenue, profits, assets, market capitalization and number of employees. The list is compiled annually and published by Forbes magazine.

The Quote 500 is a list of the five hundred richest Dutchmen at the time of publication, published annually by the Quote business magazine. The first edition was published in 1997. The editorial staff calls it the ‘annual x-ray of those who really control the Dutch economy’.

Why benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the structured comparison of business processes and performance of similar processes in other organizations. The goal is to determine your performance level in comparison with other players in the field and based on your ambition to take action to improve your position.

Benchmarking is a process: distinguishing specific tasks for good performance, understanding how it works, and editing and applying these specific tasks for your own organization. If used as a learning method and not used as a checkout instrument, benchmarking is an important quality tool.

By continuously and systematically reflecting the performance of participants’ processes, an arrangement is created. Evaluation of the position vis-à-vis other participants leads to the formulation of achievable goals for a project or a long-term objective for an organization.

Evaluation against a broad participant field also provides fresh ideas on how to improve their own process.

The goal of benchmarks is to achieve quality improvement at individual participants level and at the duration of the participants field as a whole.

How does benchmarking work?

An ‘annual X-ray’ should be made according to fair and ‘objective criteria’ to get a good picture. Good, measurable criteria are of great importance to Forbes and Quote. Good and measurable criteria are even more important for a Safety & Security-500. Precisely because it likely to have big impact on many different stakeholders and big parts of society as a whole.

Forbes looks at ‘revenue, profit, assets, market capitalization and number of employees’. Quote estimates data from public records such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Cadastre and Company Annual Reports.

First, therefore, the essential characteristics of the processes being compared must be determined. In addition, the relevant performance indicators must be determined, with a clear definition, to make them comparable.

Then we need to look at how the required data will be collected. Of course, reasonable practicality is important to take in mind.

Then it must be made clear how the collected performance indicators per participant are encrypted into a score. That should result in the Top-500.

Safety & Security Top 500 2018 — a benchmark that makes the world safer

The importance of the Safety & Security Top 500

My proposition is that a Top 500 in the area of ​​Safety & Security is in everyone’s interests. The condition is that the top is based on the correct criteria to create a level playing field for all participants, regardless of size, regardless of the sector. A new choice-dimension for (aspirant) employees, for (aspirant) customers, for (aspirant) suppliers, who are increasingly responsible for chain liability, and for supervisors and enforcers that can become more specific in their area of ​​focus, arise.

The participating organization itself benefits from insight into its relative position in the market as a whole and the improvement effect that results from taking measures to get higher if it is in the interests of the organization. And thus in improving the relationship with the various stakeholders.

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