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3 min readMay 26, 2017


In this article, I would like to explain how to calculate the savings that you can make for your business when you work with Capptions. The Capptions solution helps you transform your manual paper inspection process into a digital, automated process.

Sample calculation for the current situation

  • Imagine, there are 10 people in your company doing inspections: I = 10
  • The cost per inspector per hour is € 40.-: Ki = € 40
  • They spend an average of 1 hour a day filling in forms: Ui = 1
  • In addition, they must spend an average of 8 kilometers per day for submitting the completed forms: A = 8 for € 0.50 per kilometer, Kkm = € 0.50

The calculation: I x Ki x Ui + I x A x Kkm. For the above example this is 10 x € 40 x 1 + 10 x 8 x € 0.50 = € 440.- per day

  • At the office, 1 colleague C = 1 against Kc = € 25,- per hour, Kc = € 25 for 4 hours a day is busy typing data, Uo = 1

The calculation: C x Kc x Uo. In this case 1 x € 25 x 4 = € 100 per day.

In the team of this calculation one day, a total of € 540.- is spent on the manual paper process. In the case of 200 business days this would amount to € 108,000 per year.

In the costs of paper, including handling, printing and archiving, additional hidden costs are incurred each year, which will amount to another € 3,000 per year. This brings the total cost of the current way of working at € 111,000 per year.

Sample calculation when using Capptions

When in the team from the above example, the switch is made to digital and mobile inspecting with Capptions, using the latest iPad, the calculation example will follow as follows:

  • Cost of 1 iPad with 4g subscription per year: Ipad = €500
  • Annual subscription Capptions per Inspector, Aic = €90 (including 100 inspections)
  • One-time connection fee Capptions including training Ak = €2,500
  • Additional inspections per 100: I100 = € 90
  • Auditors now only spend 0,5 hour per day auditing: Ui=0,5

I x ( Ipad + Aic + I100 + 200 x Ui x Ki) + Ak = 10 x (€500 + €90 + €90 + €4.000) + €2.500 = €49.300,- per year

With Capptions, all inspection forms are available at anywhere-anytime basis via the Ipads. By entering the inspection results via the Capptions app, the data is also imported digitally and stored centrally, without the need to transport completed forms to the office, saving on the manual data entry and handling costs for paper.

The savings: € 61,700

The savings in this reality-based example are € 61,700. That’s over 55% cost savings!

Additional benefits are related to the real-time availability of results, which allows for much faster response to inspection findings. Additionally, the Auto Follow-Up Rules and Management Report provide vital building blocks in completing the Plan-Do-Check-Act circle that is needed to meet your management system’s requirements!

Feel free to contact me for a calculation example for your situation



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