The Crow, the Jackdaw and the Aha-Moment

Two seemingly identical Birds

Ever thought of the difference between a crow and a jackdaw? Good chance you’ve not. They’re both black birds that can be found in cities, parks and forests. The jackdaw is the smaller one, and can usually be found in groups. Now that you know, I bet you’ll run into either of the two within a weeks time and realise that without this little story, you might not have consciously noticed the black bird at all! This effect is attributed to the psychological mechanism of selection. Our brains are very effective in filtering away what is not relevant to us. Now that you have absorbed the knowledge, your brain’s relevancy filter is reprogrammed to let you notice the black birds and the difference between the crow and the jackdaw.

Bird spotting made easy

First time using ObservationChanger is quite a win, I need to download and install the app, log in and then find my first ‘observation-worthy’ situation. Once I see such situation, it’s easy to shoot a quick video, add a detail-photo, add date, location and my assessment of the severity and poof, my first observation is logged. Only then I realise, wow, this worked very quickly, can it be so easy to do a good deed and contribute to a safer work place? The pain and penalty of leaving the job to go find a form or a PC to report the observation is melted like snow in the sun!

The Aha-moment of spotting the bird

This ‘Aha-Erlebnis’ stimulates the reward-system in our brain. This system, our dopamine-gladder generates a little shot of dopamine and makes us feel good about what we did. Thanks to that ‘feel good’ a mechanism of ‘selection’ kicks in. Subconsciously I start looking for new situations to be recorded, in order to be able to have my dopamine shot again. Add to this the ‘selection’-effect, and I’ll see my relevancy filter be reprogrammed to actually start noticing things that previously were filtered away as bias.

Power to the bird spotters

ObservationChanger, our state-of-art Work-place Incident Recording App combined with the Incident Management Dashboard is built around these two power concepts. Adopting ObservationChanger is therefore not only a cost-saving way of recording observations and processing them into reports, it will also start impacting me and my peer workers in our desire and ability to see what is observation-worthy. It will help us to meet our numbers when it comes to targets imposed on us, but more importantly, it will help us to start seeing non-conformities with respect to safety long before something ugly happens out of these non-conformities.

This way, we’re bird-spotting our workplaces and companies into actually safer spaces!

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