Top 10 frustrations of mobile workers around paper administration

Many people still use paper in their workplace

In a recent survey under potential Capptions users, we’ve asked 300 people for their main frustration in working with paper administration in mobile workplaces.

Here’s the Frustration Top 10 in using paper in the field or on the shop floor:

Non-desk Worker Paper Frustrations Top10

1. Incomplete forms

2. Lost Forms

3. Unreadable handwritings

4. Manual database entry from paper forms takes a lot of time

5. Making (management) reports is a recurring pain

6. Paper in rain and wind is a pain

7. Follow up is taking a long time [no realtime insight!]

8. Wrong version of a form is completed

9. Photo uploads are a pain

10. No uniformity in reports

Functions in which respondents are still using paper

The solution is at hand: Use a micro-app builder to digitise workfloor paper and engage non-desk workers to capture your data using an app!

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