Workforce Engagement in Safety: the S-Drive Example

A couple of weeks back, I watched the Samsung S-Drive Campaign Video, which I highly recommend you to watch as well (please find the link at the the end of this post.) In a good way it reflects the vision of Safety Changer. Samsung S-Drive is in the game to make the world’s roads actually safer. We are on a mission to make the world’s workplaces actually safer.

Samsung ‘s powerfully turning the reality inside out: where smartphone use while driving is demanding a high toll on the lives young drivers, they’re succesfully campaigning a safe way of using the smartphone while driving. They’re even gamifying the campaign and seeing some real results.

Samsung’s realized that there’s no way to ban smartphones on the road. They’re using the device and it’s sensors aboard to setting a new standard. In the same way, we at Safety Changer have come to realize that the mobile wave isn’t going to go away, and isn’t going to stay away from professional work places either. We find many companies struggling on how to deal with employees bringing their personal or company-handed devices to the workfloor. A struggle towards balanced behaviour with facebook or other private IM-channels and productivity enhancing replacements for old-school paper-based forms and procedures. A quest towards sensible policy and behaviour that prevents truck-, crane- and fork-lift-drivers using their devices while driving. Due care is needed in adopting mobile technology on the shopfloor, that’s for sure.

Safety Changer is on a mission to unburden those companies in their struggles. We’re finding ways to engage employees to contribute to a safer behaviour, safer culture and a safer workplace. And we’re using mobile technology in tooling companies and their employees with tangible apps that replace paper-based situations. Apps for recording unsafe situations and acts quickly and easily, and apps that support them in doing their inspections and risk-assessments. Our apps reward workers with much quicker, on the spot access to forms and content. While also rewarding them for individual participation and team-participation. As well as rewarding them through continuous feed-back on all of their actions. With permission-based nudges on self chosen or non-intrusive algorithm defined moments that require new input by you.

Like Samsung we’re on a quest to apply the best of the mobile technologies at hand towards engaging people in a smoother, a more solid and above all safer workplace.

Interested? Check our website! Don’t forget to check the S-Drive video here either!

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