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Humiliating Your Dog With Costumes, Cappuccini Halloween Edition #1

Complete with color photo gallery of embarrassed pooches!

#Goals: A look that says HOW COULD YOU?
How to get a smushie to do anything
An actual head X-ray of Phylum: Chordata. Or, in other words, that most pointless of genetic mutations, a pug.
Scarlett O’Hara’s green parlor drapes never looked so good! Cappuccini sez: 10/10
Dumb, adorable, zero self-respect. Points deducted for lack of degrading booties. Cappuccini sez: 9/10
Embarrassing hat, extra scowl. Cappuccini sez: Howdy, pahdnah! 10/10
Original, daring, and extra points for injured, bewildered expression. Cappuccini sez: 10/10
One word: stricken. Bonus obnoxious bowtie plus dumb ears equals a Cappuccini 9/10, one point deducted for lack of a pink satin suit.
Cappuccini demands to know how an image of the editor was added to the photo carousel. 9/10, point deducted for lack of cigarette.
Gay Sailor Frenchie. Cappuccini sez: 10/10. He is so over your nonsense.
Pug with Princess Leia Cinnabon side-knobs and a tragedy mask. Cappuccini sez: 10/10!
“He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” Batman Frenchie pops a squat, kicks out a lodger, and lets Alfred carry it, all warm and squishy, back to the Batcave. Cappuccini sez: 10/10!



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