Week 13: April 11th

This week (& bleeding a little into next) I wrapped up shooting our 360 environments. When we shot at the Hampton House, Dr. Pinkney recommended some other sites we feature. This included the Lemon City Cemetery (another location she helped save) & the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. Both locations are historic black cemeteries that in one way or another were forgotten; either due to redevelopment interests — which was Lemon City’s case — or lack of finances, as was the case with the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.

I also went to shoot in Broward County and drove up to Davie to tell the story of Reuben Stacey, a man who was lynched at a location that is now a construction site. Although his story has been neglected over time, the archive photos that exist of the injustice that happened to him are many albeit they are graphic. It was a powerful and frankly strange experience to travel to the site & see what it’s like in present time. However, it also showcases how it’s important to keep in mind these stories from the Jim Crow era & not forget our shared American history, no matter how dark it can often get.

On site with the Kodak PixPro 360° camera

Editing work within Wonda also begins in earnest at this point, and continues on through the next few weeks until the end of the project.

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