Weeks 1–9: January 17th — March 14th

Week of: January 17th

First Week of class — prepared pitch presentation.

January 24th

This week I took advantage of the fact that time ran out on this day to present to refine pitch powerpoint

January 31st

Pitched idea for capstone, which at the time included wireframe of website and general overview of what themes we would explore.

February 7th

This week we experimented with producing a Branching Narrative to see if this could be a useful medium to explore further for use in the Capstone. Our story for this assignment was imagining various scenarios that might come up during a police stop. A Branching Narrative allows for the user/viewer to “pick their own destiny” by being able to interact with the video and change the storyline at certain points. To give the video a more realistic feel, we shot the piece using 3 angles: a go-pro shot to simulate a bodycam, a cellphone shot to simulate the driver livestreaming her experience and a 5d DSLR tripod shot to simulate a traffic camera (which allowed us to get a wide shot of the scene).

Me & Cibonay(far right) with our actress Yshele shooting our Branching Narrative film

You can view our project at link above 👆

February 14th

This week we ultimately came to decision that going with a VR experience to supplement our website may be best bet in terms of providing a more complete and immersive experience that couples well with the purpose of the site.

February 21st

This week we began zero-ing on locations for shooting VR portion of project.

February 28th

This week I played a little bit with ideas of how we could shoot the VR project. This included the possibility of playing with camera angles & placement etc or adding interactivity.

March 7th

Looking around for historic photos helped kicked off our process of finding locations to begin shooting our project. This would continue into the next few weeks as we explored locations to make sure we captured the right scenes on Virginia Key Beach & the subsequent sites we would shoot.

March 14

~Spring Break~

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