A pharmacy that works for everyone

Three years ago, we set out with a blank sheet of paper to redesign one of the most archaic experiences and the most frequent interaction in healthcare — the pharmacy. Since then, we have built an extraordinary team of people who work tirelessly to bring to life our core company and brand value: everybody needs some looking after sometimes.

Our vision is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having your healthcare looked after — the feeling of trust that you have when someone has anticipated your next question about insurance coverage, remembered a refill when you would have otherwise forgotten, called your doctor to verify an interaction, delivered your medication when and where you want it, or used a purpose-built technology platform to determine the best price for your prescription.

We’ve designed every aspect of our product to give our customers and partners the peace of mind of being looked after. Our emotionally resonant customer experience builds trust and loyalty. Our proprietary technology supports the first pharmacy system that works for all of the stakeholders in healthcare — enabling customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers. And our holistic pharmacy model meets the demands of the modern consumer.

An emotionally resonant customer experience

Since our launch, we have relentlessly iterated on feedback from our customers and doctors, pushing ourselves to improve every layer of the pharmacy experience to eliminate the familiar frustrations of conventional pharmacies and make it effortless to manage medication. Our internal and external alignment around our brand promise has resulted in passionate and loyal customers who have left more than 1,000 perfect App Store reviews and evangelized Capsule from Twitter to New York’s subway cars.

A pharmacy system that works for all of the stakeholders in healthcare

Along the way, we’ve validated our initial intuition that consumers are not the only ones with familiar pharmacy frustrations. Doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers are unable to deliver modern care within the boundaries of decades old systems and infrastructure. It is more clear than ever that the entire healthcare system needs a channel partner in the pharmacy.

At its full potential, the pharmacy should serve all stakeholders in healthcare in a highly personalized and customized way made possible by a robust technology platform — purpose-built to deliver a tailored experience for every consumer, doctor, hospital, insurer, and manufacturer. Our proprietary technology platform, data sets, and workflow algorithms enable us to create real-time feedback loops between the healthcare system and our customers. The result is faster and better outcomes, and a pharmacy that fosters trust and love with both consumers and partners. Whether you’re a health system that wants to prevent readmissions by ensuring discharged patients have the right education and follow-up about their medications or a drug manufacturer looking to ensure consumers understand why doctors prescribed a medication — we’ve built our platform and pharmacy experience in a way that’s configurable every step of the way.

A holistic model to meet the demands of the modern consumer

With 70,000 stores, conventional brick and mortar pharmacies remain one of the largest categories of local retail in America, and they are still where 90% of prescriptions are still picked up. Yet they have not changed in more than a hundred years. Customers are plagued by the familiar frustrations of endless trips to the pharmacy counter — persistent out of stocks, interminable waits, opaque pricing, and the inability to receive personalized, private advice. The industry’s last innovation, mail order pharmacies, aren’t accessible when you’ve run out of the medication you need, or when you’ve left your doctors office and want to get started on your medicine straight away. Most importantly, mail order pharmacies were not setup to give you personalized advice from a trusted pharmacist. As a result, despite rapid digital commerce adoption and declining traffic in brick and mortar retail in other categories, consumer pharmacy utilization has actually moved away from mail order offerings and back to brick and mortar over the last ten years.

At Capsule, from day one, we have obsessed over what it means to rebuild the pharmacy experience to meet the modern consumer’s rapidly evolving expectations, giving our customers the control over their healthcare that they have come to expect in every other part of their life. Our unique model provides access — in person, by phone, sms, chat, or email — to the timeless warmth and expertise of a pharmacist who is using technology to view your full health record. And our trackable two-hour delivery windows eliminate all of the inefficiencies of both conventional mail order and traditional brick and mortar pharmacies. In short, we have created a new, holistic pharmacy model that meets people exactly where they want to be.

Windows of opportunity

By pioneering the Third Wave of digital commerce, we have transformed our pharmacists into super-pharmacists, leveraging technology to fundamentally alter the economics of pharmacies, while maintaining the human element consumers crave in healthcare. This blend of technology and humans results in better care than has ever before been possible, providing the consistency and reliability that anchors consumer trust, and also driving smarter and more efficient human interactions. Our model has allowed us to rapidly achieve unit-level profitability in our initial market, New York City, enabling us to aggressively invest in our continued growth.

Our approach has always been holistic — to build a pharmacy that works for everyone.

Today, we are thrilled to share that we have raised an additional $50 million to continue to invest in our incredible growth. Alongside Thrive Capital, who has been our partner since day one, we are excited to partner with Glade Brook Capital. Glade Brook has an outstanding track record of being early to identify big ideas. We’re thrilled to be able to leverage their experience building global category defining companies like Meituan, WeWork, and Airbnb.

We continue to see large windows of opportunity to redesign the pharmacy experience and to look after our customers, our doctors, and our partners across the healthcare system. We are energized by our rapid growth in New York and are excited to double down on our business here, while also preparing the team, technology, and processes to serve customers and healthcare stakeholders everywhere.