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The Ternoa Chain

Capsule Corp Labs — Ternoa Blockchain

The NFT market has seen record breaking figures in 2021 and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2022 and beyond. If we consider all NFT projects out there, only those that offer a true paradigm shift by bringing to market unique concepts will experience mass adoption and thrive. Now, a growing number of users have been noticing that NFTs as we’ve always known them lack in terms of utility and useability. Fortunately, there are NFT projects that have focused on bringing a sustainable solution to this issue. Ternoa is one of them. Ternoa is the blockchain of Augmented NFTs. Ternoa is a platform that powers secret and secure NFTs for entertainment, gaming, metaverses and data management time capsules. Ternoa allows access of data to be fully controlled by the NFT owner.

The Ternoa Chain in A Nutshell

The Ternoa Team strongly believes in decentralized governance and in the protection of confidentiality for all users, making the latter their number one priority. Thus, data and files stored in an incumbent NFT are only accessible to the owner, giving Ternoa’s users the ability to create exclusive content while remaining sole owners. Ternoa’s blockchain oracles constantly verify the accuracy of information provided, before transferring data to NFT recipients, systematically keeping their information in safe hands. Ternoa’s protocols are designed to trigger the transmission of users’ digital assets at a chosen time. Ternoa’s NFT technology applies to not only the public but can also be used to create multiple decentralized applications for businesses, artists, games, crypto, and even metaverse VR-oriented use cases. For example, celebrity artists can create an Augmented NFT on Ternoa by adding exclusive content like a music track or VIP tickets within the NFT, before offering the non-fungible token to their fans.

The Ternoa Chain Benefits

Ternoa’s native token, called the $CAPS, offers a wide range of benefits to their holders. The token is the center point of the Ternoa’s blockchain governance for creating, minting capsules and NFTs and making the Ternoa universe function flawlessly. Ternoa has a community with a fixed supply of 2.5 billion tokens. Consequently, the more users utilize the Ternoa blockchain, the less capsules become available, which increases its value. For example, today on Testnet and in less than two months, more than 100,000 NFTs were minted. Once automated, this number will increase massively. Moreover, to mint an NFT costs 10 CAPS. So, you can easily imagine how quickly the token will become a valuable commodity. Moreover, Ternoa has developed several transmissions protocols in the form of smart contracts. Therefore, decentralized applications can be created and leverage these transfer protocols. Finally, the Ternoa Chain is powered by Polkadot. Concretely, it means that an NFT that is minted on another chain can be imported to the Ternoa Chain to be augmented.

A Few Ternoa Chain Protocols

The Safe Protocol allows a user to store data on the Ternoa blockchain for a defined period of time and then access it any time. The D-DAY Protocol allows the user to choose a day, month, and year that correspond to when the capsule is going to be transmitted. The Death Protocol is unique per country and leverages the APIs of public death registers. The Death Protocol triggers the transmission of the capsule when the official registration of the beneficiary’s death is made. Have you ever wondered how you could ensure the passing to your heirs of all private keys associated with your wallets? Ternoa is the only platform on the market that makes it possible.

Ternoa and Partnerships

Ternoa has partnered with Elrond, Polygon, Binance NFT and Master Ventures, among other blockchain powerhouses. Through its lab, Capsule Corp Labs, Ternoa partners with developers who are working on high potential projects, such as MMA Factory and Ciryl Gane. Ternoa and MMA Factory are building a unique MMA-themed NFT collection and game called MetaFight. Ternoa is also collaborating with Kyan Khojandi, a famous French comedian, actor, and screenwriter on the release of his first album. Kyan included a riddle in his album and the person to solve it first wins an NFT created on Ternoa that holds VIP tickets to come to his shows for life, among other fun perks. Lastly, Ternoa has its own grant program, which allows developers to pitch their own use cases. And use cases are truly limitless.

Do you have an idea for a project that revolves around Augmented NFTs, or are you already working on such a project and need assistance to reach the next stage? Feel free to contact the Capsule Corp Labs!




Capsule Corp Labs partners with developers of Augmented NFT solutions by providing them with all the resources they need for the development of their decentralized application, from ideation to launch on the Ternoa Chain.

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