Captain Bitcoin : Pre-launch Giveaway

Jul 7, 2019 · 3 min read

The Captain Bitcoin platform will launch when we get to one hundred thousand users. That’s enough people to make a video platform like Captain Bitcoin viable. To do that, we need your help to gather our crypto buddies from all over the world into one place.

It’s a core philosophy of the Captain Bitcoin platform to recognise you for your time and effort. That means we’re going to give away $15,000 worth of Bitcoin to users who help us build our community.

Additionally, you will earn 1,000 Captain tokens for each successful referral.

Our pre-launch phase will use a number of fun incentives to find out who the most the most influential people in our community will be.

We break them down as below:

1. The Top Influencers

2. The League of Influencers

3. The First Draw

4. The Early Adopters

  1. The Top Influencers

This game is simple. We want to find out who the biggest influencers in crypto today are. The top three individuals who can sign up most users to Captain Bitcoin platform using their unique referral link will win a total of $5,000 in Bitcoin.

  1. First position — $2,500 in Bitcoin
  2. Second position — $1,500 in Bitcoin
  3. Third position — $1,000 in Bitcoin

2. The League of Influencers

The next game will discover who the next best influencers are. The next ten individuals to sign up the most users again will win a total of $5,000 in Bitcoin but this will now be evenly distributed.

Each user will get $500 of Bitcoin.

So 10 x $500 give away.

3. The First Draw

Once we’ve hit our user sign up goal, we’ll launch our first draw and distribute $5,000 in Bitcoin in draws of $100 to fifty of our community members.

So 50 x $100 give away.

Again, you’ll increase your chances of winning the more friends you refer to the platform.

You can read more about how our draw mechanic works here.

4. The Early Adopters — CAPTAIN TOKEN give away

We want to find out who’s really got their finger on the pulse in crypto. There are some users out there, who are always the earliest adopters of technology. These are the people that we really want on our platform, they know technology and are the constant look out for cool tech. This part rewards users for how early they sign up to our platform. The first one thousand users will get an additional bonus of 20,000 CAPT tokens. After that, the tokens drop for each sign up window, that doubles in width each time (1k users, 2k users, 4k users etc.).

Note below table -

All the winnings will be deposited into your wallet when our wallet goes live.

Remember, each of your successful referrals increases your chances of winning Bitcoin and earns you 1,000 Captain tokens.

We would love to invite you to our Telegram community and help spread the word about Captain Bitcoin!

We will create a public sheet where everyone will be able to track their positions after Phase 1 is completed.

Good luck and don’t let your family, friends and followers miss out.

Disclaimer — these draws may be subject to change as we sit fit.



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