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Aug 4, 2020

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Captain Bitcoin — Integrating Portis Wallet

Captain Bitcoin team is incredibly excited to integrate Portis Wallet with our platform.

Dear Captain Bitcoiners,

When we first came up with the idea for Captain Bitcoin, it was with a mission to drive Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto adoption through video education.

In order to drive adoption, and to onboard new users into this space, we needed to ensure that the user interface and experience was as simple as possible.

After launching our BETA on 22 May 2020, the team and I were rather disappointed at the speed at which the platform was growing.

The reason for the slow growth?

Being a DAPP built on Ethereum.

Our users need to sign in with an Ethereum address when using our platform, and the way to do this for desktop was via Metamask plugin or using a Web3 browser on mobile.

This was a huge adoption barrier and leading to more than 80% of our users dropping off when they learned they needed to download an additional plugin or application.

Enter Portis.

We got in touch with the team over at Portis (by ShapeShift) and found their product to be the exact solution Captain Bitcoin needed in order to supercharge growth.

Shortly after speaking with the team, we decided to integrate Portis (only took us about half a day) and the support during this period was incredible.

Though there are multiple benefits of Portis, below are the three points that were an absolute game-changer for us and our users —

How to import your private keys and other wallets to Portis in three steps once you have exported your PK —

Follow below steps after creating wallet at

Portis gives you access to all these Dapps

We are now one of the fastest-growing decentralized applications in terms of the number of registered users and daily active users.