How to Become the Greatest Poet through WiFi

WiFi Blues — photoblur-clear-sky-close-up-fingers-423367
There’s no WiFi in the forest, but I promise you’ll find a better connection.

Yesterday I got stuck with defective WiFi, while being in the flow of writing. I almost smashed my notebook out of the window.

OMG, what a disaster! I realized just how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work efficiently.

Now what do you call a disaster nowadays? I wouldn’t really classify ‘WiFi Down’ a disaster. Then how come it felt like a mental disaster at that moment?

And I became aware of how much we’ve come to take WiFi and our Cyberspace for granted…

It’s like a bare necessity nowadays. It seems we’ve become so dependent on WiFi for our activities, that we hardly know anymore how to entertain ourselves without it. We cannot imagine a life without WiFi, internet, GPS ….

However, I do draw a line. So I thought …

A world without The WiFi
Is that even possible?
We cannot go without it
I even have a MiFi
I’m convinced it should be possible
So I’m going on vacation
No WiFi, somewhere tropical
For digital detox and reflection
For a little happiness
To once live as before
To experience the silence
Plentiful of boredom
No unexpected actions
Or unnoticed addictions
Send out postcards greetings
and old-fashioned calling
New words in a foreign language
Yes, this adventure still exists
You just have to dare to look it up
And leave WiFi for what it is

I honestly tried …… Hence, the result of my trial is obvious. You can read it below …..

I love to write poems. I see poems in everything. So I searched for WiFi on my phone while walking in the streets, to come up with a rhyme word that was stuck in my head. Shouldn’t have done that. Should NOT have done that.

The fact that poetry exists in many forms is now known by many, due to WiFi and Cyberspace. Probably even the category ‘poems in strange forms’. The thing is you can make poems out of almost anything.

Yet it is always a surprise to me when you discover even another form. In this case collected WiFi names. You know how that goes when you turn on the WiFi search function on your phone, tablet or laptop? Then you get, especially in dense areas, often long lists with the most special WiFi network names.

In a neighborhood where the WiFi names seemed to fight a kind of battle with each other, it gets even more inspiring. ‘I am not a network’, ‘Your mother is a network’, ‘You are a network yourself’ and ‘I network your mother’.

Just too much for an aspiring poet like me. Especially the communication that is in it. It is funny to see that people mark their territory through WiFi, like dogs do with smell.

Boy, have I failed to draw the line. No life for me without MiWiFi

TheLan_of MilkandHoney
Ah, The_Silence_of_the_Lan
Photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash