Stage III

Kit is now 9 employees strong, and we are actively looking to add more people to the team. We are entering a new phase of growth, and alongside all the excitement, we’re feeling the growing pains every company hopes to encounter along the way.

Trying to navigate through these phases has helped me take a step back and review the journey I’ve been through as we’ve grown from ideas on paper to a ventured backed business with employees.

Phase I (every first time entrepreneur phase): Looking back, I was pretty cluelessly “Jumping out of a plane while trying to figure out how to assemble the parachute before hitting the ground”. Before any traction, or clear vision, I was willing to “go for it” and figure it out as I go. Mental toughness, willingness to listen to smarter people and perserverance got me on to phase II.

Phase II: “Playing with the Band”, as team members started to join the team full time- how to make beautiful music together becomes the focus. You’re looking for the best drummer you can get, to play with the best lead guitarist you can find, to play with the best base player available.

Phase III (and beyond?): I am building a Formula I racing team. It takes a team to win a race. You have sponsors who help finance the dream. Every position is incredibly important, and every position has to have the absolute best person manning it. You have to focus on the road, not crash into other cars (but stay aggressive through the turns and close the gaps), the driver has to communicate with the crew chief → the crew chief has to communicate with the team to prepare and push execution and faster pit times. You’re constantly reviewing everything to get better, faster, stronger. If you can improve by a second its worth your time. You invest every fiber of yourself to being the best team possible.

One goal: Win, and win together.

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