The Art of Facebook Ads

The largest misconception I hear from business owners is that, “Facebook Ads don’t work”. This single statement is almost always uttered to me with complete conviction and, without consciously being aware of it, puts most small business owners at a massive disadvantage in todays world.

Facebook has brilliantly cataloged the interest, demographics and behaviors of 1.4 billion people and growing.

The exciting reality is this: business owners have never been afforded the opportunity to take complete control of who gets to see their ads and products based on these key data points age, gender, location, interests, etc. Unlike TV, radio or print- Facebook ads are an incredibly affordable way to grow your business. You just have to do it the right way.

The art of Facebook advertising boils down to three key things: where it’s placed, how it looks and who it reaches. If you don’t get these three things right, the rest doesn’t matter.

Be Mobile: The world is becoming increasingly more mobile with each passing day. If you are running ads on desktop only, or right hand sidebar ads, you are limiting your reach and wasting your money. 85% of Facebook’s daily active users are on a mobile device. Best practice: run ads targeting both Mobile and Desktop Newsfeed’s.

Carousel Ads (pictured left): The future of retail advertising lies in Carousel ads. This allows you to cast a larger net, and showcase more of what your store has to offer, without increasing your costs. Carousel ads drive higher engagement, and will bring more people to your store.

Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences will change your results drastically. It is vital to remove as much guess work from your targeting as possible, because that is where crucial mistakes are made. If you aren’t targeting the right people, your ads will never work. By creating a custom audience, and eventually a lookalike audience, Facebook will leverage it’s data to fill in the blanks for you. It is time consuming to keep this up, but let Facebook use your custom audience (data on your past customers) to find people who best matches those profiles. That is where the pot of gold is.

Facebook Ads can take your business to the next level, but like all things you have to master the art of doing it the right way to see results.