Capture 1.1

Today we released our first major update to Capture since launch, Capture 1.1.

Our Capture 1.1 update is all about Search

The focus in this update is on finding information which is why this update comes with a brand new search experience that makes it easier then ever to find the information you are after. We rebuilt Capture’s search functionality from the ground up both in the app and within our core system.

The result is Capture’s search feature is now faster than ever and delivers better results helping you to find the exact person you were looking for. This update is just the beginning though, we have a whole host improvements we’re working on to ensure searching for data in Capture is simple and fast.

Capture 1.1 wasn’t just about search though, behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to make the rest of the app much faster and more reliable. We have some great new features in the works for Capture (which we hope to share soon) so this update was also about laying the ground work for those new features.

You can download Capture 1.1 here →

Capture is an app designed to make it easier then ever for sales teams to store and share information of business contacts and leads. Click here to try Capture for free.

Capture is developed by AppLaunch a UK based Enterprise app studio.

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