Elegy for Half-Eaten Apples

Poetry by Madeleine Werner

I always loved apples.
We ran, my sister and I,
in the orchards to taste
every type. Happily

marking each apple
with a bite, racing
to the next orchard,
the half-bitten apples

still rolling or swaying
from their branch.
What a waste!
My mother would say.

And again, many years
later, I’m still running,
not to but from
now most likely.

What a waste!
Whole nights spent in
the closet, holding empty
hands of coat sleeves.

Still wasting,
curating Braille,
(I always loved books)
I’m different now.

Wasteful. But not a waste.
I try, I eat apples, I run
both to and from,
(Some things I should not fear)

There are still nights in the closet
But there are nights in the orchards,
Too. Apples still are useful,
Even bruised.

Madeleine Werner is a current student at Umass Amherst, originally from Northshore Mass. She enjoys writing outside, eating smores, and spending time with her dog, Bernie.

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