Poetry by Marley Korzen

here, into
orange blossoms
i go
and dig up the roots of my grandmother

her body lays within the orchards
stained the same scales
as when she last saw the sunlight

gold cheeks, wrists and hair
her roses from her arterial arbor
are singing in my palms

there i caress her with kisses,
trace her face with my fingertips

sip by sip
illuminated into
this cascading legend reigning on my footmarks
 — this freckle below my breast
this coral under my eyelids

i was inside her when she was still breathing
i was swimming in her throat when she was still singing

i am the unprincipled relic of the last spell she cast
the unexplained and the profoundly needed

i carry her on my lips and knees,
when i get scrapes on them
i hear her laugh as she weaves new skin for me
the laugh i never heard reach the air,
speaks inside my cells

we are the portals of time
we are the page of every age
the buildup of moss upon or soul
if i am the past of her
then she must have known me

i look to her ankles
and wonder how long they stood waiting
for the answers
and maybe if she found them, they are the reason
why i am here

holding her i my arms, i gaze to the heavens
we are the web, her and my body
she rests in heaven
and so heaven
must be me

i whisper to the dead petals on the bud
of my chrysalis lips as i lay her body
back to the garden of red clay

we have traveled past
many veils,
danced through many skins
to land here

Marley Korzen has been writing her entire life. Her work was featured in the Literary Journals, The Claremont Review and Brown University’s Journal: The Round. She is the author of her poetry book, Heartlines which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

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