New Orleans, takeoff
in something like 60 minutes.
It’s recommended to eat something first
cheese grits — cheese G.R.I.T.S.
for Girls Raised In The South,
(no up-up-appetite)
we are south, levee level
who decided to build
this beaded bourbon city
below sea level?

We are up now, feeling it
Uptown, Garden District
locked gates and black cars
this much money makes me
we begin to sweat in the backseat
laugh at the lonely mansions
look at clouds instead
it’s a strange thing to ride
in the back of your own car
I had forgotten that my ’06
had a sunroof — cloudroof

now go back to the French side
and put us in a park!
Louis will gladly take us
if we prove we can improvise
or maybe Laveau –
the voodoo queen Marie,
you invited 100 friends
into your tomb –
what’s two more?

Down now, down
we walk through Tréme
carefully now
“Hey pretty girls, how you doin’
this fine fine day?”
carefully now
we are down, down
further than downtown
these are the streets that flooded
and here we are, touring them
broken beads in the gutters
we are lower than them

Elisabeth Walt Reynolds is a hobby-writer born and raised in Waynesville, a small town in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Themes of social issues, mundanities, and qualities of timelessness are some things that fascinate her and are facets that she attempts to explore in her poetic work. Elisabeth recently graduated from the University of North Carolina and was granted Honors for her thesis of original poetry, and now lives in Scotland along the coast.

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